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Two-minute noodles for passenger who paid $2500 to fly

Virgin Australia forced to explain business class meal

A Virgin Australia business class passenger was allegedly served two-minute noodles on a flight after paying $2,500 for their ticket. 


After their experience, the passenger took to social media to complain about the meal, which can cost less than $2 a serve. 


Image Facebook


“Two course offering on VA today: Course 1 - Red Wine, Coke no sugar & Snack Bar. Course 2 - fantastic noodles,” the Facebook update read. 


In response to the post, one follower said they “thought this was a joke but then realised that’s actually on a plane”. 


Another Facebook user called the meal “appalling”.


“I know it’s “first world problems” but if you are paying for a premium product then you should receive a premium product,” they said.  


Another follower compared the meal to their "studying for final exams meal pack". 


According to PerthNow, a Virgin spokesperson said the limited service was designed to minimise interaction between crew and guests. 


“This service includes a snack and drink for all guests across both cabins, and is designed to minimise contact between guests and crew,” they said.


“As travel demand begins to increase we are exploring the possibilities for our onboard business class offering, whilst continuing to prioritise the safety and wellbeing of our guests and crew.”


“We are also re-imagining what our onboard catering offer will be longer-term, and are looking forward to developing a new experience to suit customer needs.” 


Elsewhere, the West Australian reported that some VA passengers have had to bring their own food on board flights after the carrier ran out of supplies.


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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 14 October 2020

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