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United marks MEL-SFO launch with speakeasy party

SF Travel, SFO and Brand USA kick off new United MEL-SFO flight with San Francisco-inspired event

L-R: Belinda Condon (UA), Jemima Handful, Tommy Lindblad (UA), Jessica James, Allie Sparr (SF Travel & SFO Intl Airport) & Amanda Monroe


With the support from United Airlines, Visit California, Sonoma County Tourism, Visit Napa Valley and South Lake Tahoe, SF Travel, SFO and Brand USA hosted a San Francisco themed event in Melbourne on October 22nd to celebrate the launch of the new United Airlines direct flight between the two cities.


The first flight from Melbourne departs on October 31st, 2019 and will operate three days a week every Monday, Thursday and Saturday until further notice. 


The event took place at Beneath Driver Lane, a speakeasy in Melbourne’s CBD and included San Francisco staples such as clam chowder served in bread bowls to mimic the world renowned Boudin Bakery at Pier 39.


Other San Francisco demonstrations through the event included three drag queens named Jessica James, Amanda Monroe and Jemima Handful who welcomed the guests and entertained the crowd with a musical performance and a San Francisco themed version of The Price is Right for the prizes.


Finally, Wes Leslie, musician and Founder of Wild SF Tours flew out from San Francisco to join the event as a roaming storyteller sharing the meaning behind the term “Sugar Daddy” that originated in San Francisco. 


Grand Prize winners L-R: Amanda Monroe, Jennifer Mikkelsen of Travel Counsellors, Karen Scharnbock of APT Touring, Allie Sparr of (SF Travel & SFO), Jemima Handful & Jessica James


The event ended in a special surprise giveaway for two winners. The first winner was Jennifer Mikkelsen of Travel Counsellors who won a trip to San Francisco, Sonoma County and South Lake Tahoe and the second winner was Karen Scharnbock of APT Touring who won a trip to San Francisco, Napa Valley and South Lake Tahoe. 


For more information about the event and the new flight route contact Allie Sparr at [email protected]


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Published: 27 October 2019

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