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What cabin crew are really doing when they greet you

Flight attendant Kat Kamalani has taken to TikTok to share some of the secrets of her job. Among these secrets is exactly what’s going on when a member of cabin crew greets you upon boarding.


“Have you ever walked on a plane and saw the flight attendants standing right here greeting you? Or the flight attendants walking up and down the aisle?” she posted on said in video.


“Well, I’m about to tell you what we’re really doing.” 


“So, when you’re walking on the airplane and you see our happy, smiling face, we’re actually looking you up and down and we are trying to find our ABPs.”


ABPs are Able Bodied People who look to have the ability to help crew in case of a “medical emergency, unexpected landing or security breach”. This probably means they’re looking for relatively fit people or people in the military and who are often invited to board first.


“We’re also looking at one more thing,” Kamalani said.


Cabin crew is also “looking for things that don’t belong on the plane” such as liquids that are not allowed on board and somewhat surprisingly, evidence of human trafficking.


“It happens a lot in the industry,” she explained. 


“Our passenger safety is our number one priority, so we’re just looking for things that look off.”


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Published: 26 April 2021

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