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What international travel will look like according to QF boss

Qantas boss Alan Joyce has said that, under government orders, Aussies looking to travel overseas can expect to get at least four COVID-19 tests: one before each flight and two while in quarantine on their return. 


Passengers will have their vaccination documentation, results of a recent COVID-19 test and whether they have a home in which to quarantine in on their return will be checked by both Qantas and Australian Border Force staff, Joyce said. 


For those who test positive overseas, they will likely have to stay overseas until they can produce a negative test, the Australian reported. 



Joyce is in Boston for the International Air Transport Association (IATA) annual general meeting and has assured that his airline is working with IATA on the technology for a digital travel pass.


While an inevitability at present, Joyce does not think seven days of quarantine (though better than 14) is sustainable, saying that he hopes this will be reduced “quite rapidly” to 72 hours and then phased out. 


“If the virus is circulating in Victoria and New South Wales when the borders open up and the lockdowns have ended, then there’s no more risk from a person coming in from the UK and the US,” Joyce said.


“Certainly we need to move from seven days to get tourists and business travellers to start travelling again.”


According to survey by IATA, quarantine is the biggest deterrent to air travel. 


84% of respondents indicated that they will not travel if there is a chance of quarantine at their destination.


 A growing proportion of respondents support the removal of quarantine if:


  • A person has tested negative for COVID-19 (73% in September compared to 67% in June)
  • A person has been vaccinated (71% in September compared to 68% in June).


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Published: 6 October 2021

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