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What NOT to eat before a flight

Flying and eating do not always go hand in hand. 


“Immune systems are tested, digestive systems are thrown off and hydration takes a hit,” dietician Tracy Lockwood Beckerman told HuffPost.


“That’s why it’s so important to eat foods that will keep your immune system strong, keep you hydrated and are easily digested before flying.”


Here, Beckerman shares a list of foods to avoid before taking to the skies. 




Staying hydrated is crucial when you fly and alcohol consumption inevitably leads to dehydration. So best steer clear. Plus, with all the added COVID tests and forms required to travel these days, a clear head is a must.



“It’s super common for dehydration to set in when flying, thanks to the lack of humidity and dry air in the cabin,” Beckerman said. 


“That’s why it’s not the smartest to have a sodium-laden meal the day before or morning of your flight.”


To avoid dehydration-related headaches, constipation and fatigue, Beckerman advises skipping the salt and salty snacks. 


“In general, because of pressure shifts, some people retain water during a flight, so something overly processed or too high in sodium might exacerbate this issue,” Vanessa Rissetto another dietitian said. 


“Best to stay hydrated, try some electrolyte tabs or coconut water to help with hydrations and try whole foods like veggies and fruit, or lean protein to help you feel your best.” 



From fizzy drinks to gassy foods, Beckerman warns would be travellers to stay away from gas.


“Because flying may cause some folks to feel bloated or extra gassy, thanks to the changes in cabin pressure, it’s wise to avoid anything with carbonation beforehand, like seltzers, sodas or kombucha,” Beckerman said.


“By steering clear of them, you can keep extra air and bubbles to a minimum in your digestive system.


But it’s not just carbonated beverages that cause gas. Onions, asparagus, beans, cabbage and cauliflower can contribute to intestinal gas and bloating. 



As tempting as that one last cup of coffee before your flight is, coffee can leave you dehydrated as for some folk, it acts as a diuretic, which means more trips to the loo and with COVID about, best limit those.

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Published: 17 November 2021

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