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What US airports are doing to fight COVID-19

Cobra is a Belgian Malinois, and One Betta is a Dutch Shepard. The two have been specially trained to sniff out COVID-19 in public spaces and respond accordingly.


The pair can now be spotted in Miami International Airport, part of a trial to test COVID-19 detecting dogs in airports. 


They have had hundreds of training sessions at Florida International University, achieving accuracy rates from 96 to 99 percent for detecting COVID-19 in published peer-reviewed, double-blind trials. 



Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA), on the other hand, has done something to tackle the inevitable build up of people waiting to board a flight. 


One of two airports in the US to trial virtual queuing, SEA has announced that it will make the move a permanent one. 


The day after the trial of SEA’s SEA Spot Saver ended, it released news that all passengers from any airline can use SEA Spot Saver at TSA Checkpoints 2, 3, and 5 between 4:00 am and 12:00 pm. 


To take advantage of this, flyers need to sign up 72 hours before their flight and then they can simply relax or explore the airport without worrying about missing their flight. 


As we get closer to our borders opening and our airports filling, it would be good to see what protocols are in place for the safety of travellers and our citizens. 

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Published: 15 September 2021

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