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Why did this flyer hide in a Qantas lavatory?

Not all’s well when a plane toilet is your safe haven

A passenger on board a recent Qantas flight claims to have hidden in the plane’s bathroom as other passengers were given almonds, to which she was highly allergic. 



Travelling on a domestic flight to Melbourne to visit her sister, British school teacher Laura Merry said she had told Qantas of her serious allergy to nuts long before the flight. 


"Qantas Australia were made aware of my nut allergy months before my booking and I had written documents to confirm that they would not serve nuts on board,” she told The Sun


"However, when I boarded on March 3, the cabin manager's attitude toward my allergy was awful.


"She claimed she had no notes on my allergy and it was too late to make any requests.


"She refused to make an announcement to passengers about my allergy too.


"She also informed me all 160 passengers would be served complimentary almond slices on my flight.


"I asked if this could not happen on my flight as it was only an hour long and the snacks are just complimentary and not an essential meal they had paid for. But she refused and said these complimentary snacks are part of their policy."


Whilst Qantas no longer serves peanuts on flights, it continues to offer “almonds, cashews and macadamia nuts as bar snacks or after dinner snacks”, according to its website.


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When it became apparent the snack service would continue as planned, Ms Merry was given a mask to wear.


"This wouldn't prevent an allergic reaction,” said the 25-year-old, who had two more flights with Qantas booked.


"I also sat in the toilet to escape everyone eating these snacks around me."


Qantas told The Sun it would reach out to Laura before her next flight, saying it is “aware of the challenges faced by allergy sufferers and take steps to reduce the risk for many of our customers particularly exposure to peanuts but as there are a wide variety of allergies it’s not possible to cater to everyone’s requirements”.


What are your thoughts on these events?


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 12 March 2019

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