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Why I fell a little in love with this pilot

Anyone who has travelled with children knows the experience can be a very, very, slow kind of torture. Travelling with four children when you're on your own is harder. Travelling with four children when you're on your own and two of the four children are infants is harder still.



Just ask the poor mum travelling aboard Finnair recently.


But instead of having to juggle the infants on her own, the mum received a helping hand from Captain Tom Nystrom who offered to hold one of the babies and feed him a bottle.


"I have children of my own... so it came natural to me to help this customer with her babies," Nystrom told Inside Edition.


The mother and her helper worked in tandem to look after the babies, with Nystrom handing over the baby when it got fussy and taking the other one instead, the UK Independent reported.


A flight attendant on the plane, Ami Niemela, posted pictures of the pilot and his charge on Instagram.


"Naturally, one cannot travel with two babies on one's lap," she wrote.


"So we had to solve the dilemma of [a] missing lap, otherwise it would have been a no-go for mom and the kids.


"Luckily we had our positioning crew on board and wonderful Tom took the task of being the extra lap."


The post has since done the rounds with Nystrom and Finnair receiving much praise for their kindness.


Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 19 April 2017

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