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Why you shouldn’t ask cabin crew to carry your bag

Flight attendants dish out on this request

As more and more flyers try to cram as much as they can into carry-on bags, usually to avoid paying for checked luggage, cabin items have become increasingly heavy. 


But this heavy luggage oft comes with unintended consequences, like the problem of lifting a weighed–down bag into a high overhead bin. 



While this might seem like a small issue for some, many flight attendants have become fed up with it - or have at least grown tired of being asked to help out with a heavy bag. 


On the Facebook page of flight attendant blogger, A Fly Guy, cabin crew and passengers commented in droves on the injustices of flyers asking crew members to help out with overweight baggage. 


The furore started after a flight attendant voiced concerns over a ‘controversial’ tip by insurance firm AXA for holidaymakers, which recommended passengers “ask cabin crew to lift heavy baggage” as a way to “prevent back ache”. 


“We were told as crew members to avoid injury, make the passenger lift their own bags, assist them with lifting the bag, or find an ABP that’s willing to assist...but we should never try and lift the bags ourselves! The nerve of this company,” one cabin crew member wrote.


One common thread was the argument that you should only travel with what you can carry yourself.


“I’ll never understand the audacity of people who think Flight Attendants are there to stow THEIR bags. If you're physically unable or an elderly person, I'll do it, but not if it's too heavy. Just use common sense people. You bring it you sling it,” another flight attendant wrote.


Others harked back to what they considered the real role of a flight attendant to be.


“We’re not mere helpers in flight. We’re safety professionals.”


Many, but certainly not all passengers were sympathetic to the flighties’ plight.


“I have a medical condition and still wouldn’t ask a flight attendant to lift my bag. You pack it, you lift it! That’s my motto.”


Where do you stand on this issue? 

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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 5 August 2019

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