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8 credit card hacks for business travellers

They pay no credit card interest, have a good credit rating, and enjoy multiple free international and domestic flights each year – usually in business or premium economy – and the data is there to prove it. These are the frequent flyers in Australia’s business community who have mastered the use of rewards cards and have point-hacked their way to meeting their travel goals.


Point Hacks, an independent platform for one of Australia’s largest communities of airline rewards experts, can now share how these savvy business owners do it. It surveyed 320 of its business owner members to learn their credit card habits, and the rewards those habits earn them.



Point-hacker business earn multiple free international and domestic flights a year

The survey reveals that 71 per cent of business owners use their frequent flyer points to take at least one international flight a year, while 60 per cent take one or more domestic flights on points a year. The majority also get premium class seats on points: 72 per cent have booked at least one business class or premium economy flight a year.


The business community recognises that flights are the best value redemptions, as only 20 per cent have used their points for hotel stays, 12 per cent spent for gift cards and five (5) per cent used for technology items.


The 8 successful credit card habits that are rewarding Australia’s business community

The survey also revealed just how this business community is reaping its travel rewards: clever use of rewards credit cards.


  1. 84 per cent of survey respondents own two or more points-earning credit cards.
  2. Among these, 53 per cent have reached gold or platinum status on their rewards program.
  3. 51 per cent are happy to pay an annual card fee of at least $500 for the benefit of having a card that gives them rewards points
  4. Yet 83 per cent pay off their credit card every month. 
  5. Two-thirds (69 per cent) have a strategy for how they use and pay off their rewards credit cards.
  6. Nearly half (43 per cent) earn more than 75 per cent of their points through credit card spend, while 72 per cent said more than 50 per cent of their points were earned through credit card spend.
  7. 57 per cent make more than 50 per cent of their business expense purchases through credit cards
  8. Due to the many rewards-earning cards and bonus points offers available in the market, 42 per switch or get a new credit card at least every three months.


“Business owners are at an advantage when it comes to earning points through credit card spend, as there are many cards that are made for business in mind,” Point Hacks spokesperson and frequent flyer expert Daniel Sciberras said. 


“When choosing the credit card for you, it pays to look at the points earn rate. You should aim for at least half a point earned per $1 spent. You can also narrow down the options by seeing which cards offer bonus points when signing up.”


Point Hacks’ top 4 points-earning cards for business owners are AMEX Qantas Business Rewards, NAB Qantas Business Signature Visa, American Express Platinum Business and Westpac Altitude Business. 


Published: 26 May 2019

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