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Connectivity for passengers flying Philippine Airlines

Philippine Airlines has launched a new Wi-Fi service that promises its passengers global connectivity.

For a flat fee, passengers flying Philippine Airlines (PAL) can access global mobile internet access. Called myPAL Roam, the service was launched on July 21 in partnership with SkyRoam Ltd., provider of personal Wi-Fi hotspots for travellers, and is intended to improve the flying experience for customers.


PAL passengers can now stay connected using the new myPAL ROAM service


“We are aware of our passengers’ need to stay connected anywhere in the world,” said Jaime J. Bautista, President of PAL.


“Your flag carrier continues to innovate to further enhance the total travel experience. So whether you’re flying across the country or halfway around the globe, we made sure we’ve got you covered.”


According to Bautista, the initiative is about adding value for passengers and will generate very little revenue for the airline.


“The larger portion goes to SkyRoam,” he said. “This is not intended to be income-generating. We just want a good passenger experience. It’s an added service for the passengers.”


myPAL ROAM offer PAL passengers a SIM-free hotspot to use for up to eight hours a day


The service works globally through local telecommunication partners. For the cost of around $10 ($P490) a day, passengers are issued a SIM-free myPAL ROAM wireless hotspot device, which keeps smartphones, tablets and laptops connected for up to eight hours.


It has a download speed of 42mbps, offers unlimited data usage during the eight-hour period and connects up to five devices simultaneously in 87 countries across Europe, the Middle East, the Americas, Asia, South Pacific (including Australia) and Africa.


MyRoam can be used multiple times with passengers paying as they go, and is available online, at Manila airport and through PAL ticket offices.


MyPAL Roam joins the free, 30-minute (or 15MB) myPAL WiFi service, the myPAL entertainment app, and the myPAL Mobile roaming service in PAL’s suite of in-flight technology solutions.


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Written by: Jessica Zoiti
Published: 28 July 2016

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