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Feeling stuck in your job? You’re not alone

Industry contacts, a positive attitude & further education key to progress

Do you feel like you’re unable to progress in your career? Fear that you’ll be locked in your current position forever? Well you’re not alone, with one in two of those working in the hospitality, tourism, and events industries feeling ‘stuck’ in their job, new research has revealed.


According to the Think Education Career Enhancer Survey, for hospitality workers, the biggest barrier to getting ahead was identified as ‘the lack of workplace opportunities or recognition from superiors’ (42 per cent).


More than one in five respondents said ‘the need for further education’ (22.3 per cent) was stopping their progression, while 8.9 per cent claimed ‘a lack of industry connections’ as the main barrier.


“I believe that if you want to get ahead in your career, if you want more recognition or better connections, you have to take charge and find ways to make yourself stand out,” Think Education executive dean of business and hospitality Coralie Morrissey said.


Sydney’s Shangri-La Hotel director of human resources Michele Morcos offers her advice:


What do you think young workers should do to get ahead in the industry?

It’s important for young workers to listen and heed honest advice of credible professionals with more experience in the field.


What are you looking for in an employee?

An attitude to deliver, an eye for detail, passion to delight with a genuine care for others are some of the things we look for.


What do young workers need to know about working in the industry?

It's really interesting, fun, varied, hard work, shift work with long hours and can be very rewarding.  Working is hospitality is also highly focused on satisfying other people, and has the ability to transfer skills and knowledge internationally.


What is your advice to young workers?

My advice to young hospitality workers is to persist through the tough times, understand hospitality means that our focus is to look after guests no matter how difficult they may be and that it may take a little longer than you first anticipate to gain the level of knowledge and experience required to gain the promotion you are seeking. 


Accept advice openly and work on improving - no one is perfect.


What are some of the common mistakes young workers make?

They think the grass is greener somewhere else before giving their employer a real chance in the first place.  They think that they are ready to manage well before they have gained the necessary basic leadership skills and experience.


What skills or attributes do you think will be most valuable in the future?

To be able to change and adapt quickly.  To be resilient in a fast paced, high expectation environment.


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Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 22 April 2015

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