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Flight Centre’s marriage equality post sparks debate

Should businesses steer clear of controversial issues? These Flight Centre Facebook followers certainly have their opinions on the matter!

Yesterday afternoon Flight Centre updated their Facebook profile, replacing the red of their logo with a rainbow. Accompanying the image were the words, ‘Make sure you are enrolled to vote and offer all Australians the right to equality in marriage’.


The post elicited over 3,100 reactions and some 818 comments before the company went back to its old logo at about 11am today AEST (enrolment closed midnight 24 August).


At the time of publication, 2,400 people gave the post a thumbs up, a further 613 loved it, 68 indicated anger, 4 laughed, 3 cried and 1 expressed surprise.


And then of course there were the comments.


These varied from messages of support from employees happy to work for a company espousing equality for all to condemnation that Flight Centre does anything other than book flights.


One man posted, “Ah, that you've taken a position and trying to push it to others, we're going to use a different travel agent. So sad.”


For all those threatening to take their business elsewhere, there were others ready to bring more business to Flight Centre for their stance.


However, there were some who thought the whole thing a marketing ploy in an attempt to get business from the LGBTQI community.


But a Flight Centre employee said, “One of Flight Centre's company philosophies: Egalitarianism and Unity. In our company, we believe that each individual should have equal privileges and rights. In all our countries and all our businesses there should be no ‘them and us’.


“They are not trying to manipulate, push an agenda or alienate customers or staff. They are just practicing what they preach and standing up for  'equal privileges and rights' for all. What a great company!”


So should companies just “stick to their day jobs” or can the political coexist with profit?

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Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 25 August 2017

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