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How to ensure your clients are properly insured

You’ve booked your client on the adventure of a lifetime, but are they adequately insured?

When holidaying, travellers are more likely to take part in activities that are outside their normal day-to-day routine. While this is all part of the fun, these activities can aggravate existing injuries or illnesses.


This makes having adequate insurance a travel essential. As Talbot Henry, National Sales Director at SureSave explained, “In 2015, 42 per cent of all claims through SureSave were related to medical incidences, such as emergency dental, illness or injury. Therefore, for travellers with existing medical conditions, travel insurance becomes even more vital, as the risk of further injury or illness is magnified.


“With that in mind, it’s worth highlighting to agents and customers that a standard level of cover won’t always automatically cover all existing medical conditions. According to our annual research, almost 20 per cent of travellers were not sure if their medical condition was covered by their travel insurance policy the last time they travelled.


SureSave offers what it calls ‘help that’s designed for travellers’ to ensure people heading off on holiday have peace of mind to relax and enjoy themselves throughout their trip. Passionate about travel, the company aims to make it as easy as possible for everyone, including those with an existing medical condition, to explore the world.


Agents really are the first line of defense for customers seeking information on travel insurance, so it’s important agents are well-versed on the definitions and options within their client’s insurance policy. Travellers need to select a travel insurance policy that is specifically tailored to their needs and includes adequate cover for any existing medical conditions.


For many customers, deciphering insurer Product Disclosure Statements (PDS) and included medical conditions can be confusing. Through its research, SureSave has identified that only 30 per cent of people read their PDS in full and know exactly what they’re covered for by their travel insurance policy. This is why the company continually invests in improving its products and provides agents with all the necessary tools they need to assist their customers find a policy that best suits their requirements.



According to SureSave, the number of policies sold with medical options currently sits at around 10 percent, however the company expects this figure to rise following greater training for agents and the launch of a number of innovative online tools.


“Since launching the agent console and introducing the opportunity for agents and customers to complete a medical screening online, agents are less reliant on our call centre to complete the screenings for their customers,” Henry explained.


“We also offer a medical self-assessment service that enables customers to assess their own existing medical conditions online quickly. When it comes to medical screening for existing medical conditions, SureSave now offers this across all domestic and international outbound plans.”


And when something does go wrong for a customer, SureSave’s Emergency Assistance team, ‘WE Assist’, offers immediate assistance so travellers can continue their journey without impacting their itinerary too much.


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Written by: Jessica Zoiti
Published: 8 April 2016

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