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Industry salaries on the rise — how does yours measure up?

Salaries in the travel industry have increased, but some jobs are earning more than others. We look at what jobs are going to get you the big bucks.


Let’s be honest about your motivations for joining the travel industry - money was unlikely one of them, right? While considered a great way to see the world and to meet amazing people, working in travel is rarely considered a great money maker. Unless you're Richard Branson, of course.


Ask a number of travel industry workers if they think they’re getting paid for the amount of work they put in and the answer (as seen on company review site Glassdoor) is, more often than not, a resounding no.


One reviewer of a big travel company posted to Glassdoor, “You really don’t get paid well for the work you do. Long hours, stress on your days off...”.


Another review for a similar company simply called for management to “pay us what we’re worth”.


But according to a salary benchmarking analysis undertaken by C&M Travel Recruitment, industry salaries in 2017 did in fact go up.


The biggest winners were reportedly those in corporate or inbound travel and sales managers.


“The growing need of experienced of leisure travel consultants servicing high end and corporate travel customers has seen salaries increase by 7%,” C&M said.


“Hiring managers are being more creative on including incentives and offering flexible working for these travel consultants.”


The company also claimed to see “exiting growth” in inbound travel.


So, I guess you can put down your two minute noodles tonight and splurge (a bit - let’s not get carried away), or maybe start looking for work in inbound.


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Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 23 March 2018

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