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Is your Instagramming putting you at Insta-risk?

If you post images on social media while you’re away, you’ll know you’re far from alone. But there’s no safety in numbers, according to a new study.


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Conducted by AirPlus International, the thirteenth International Travel Management Study found that two thirds of business travellers post pictures on social media whilst they’re on the road. And out of the 2,180 international travellers polled in the study, nearly half (47%) show location updates, the biggest risk to take when travelling. Just one in five (19%) rarely post anything.


Travellers are also twice as likely to ‘insta-brag’ if they’ve had a bad experience (22%) as opposed to a good one (11%).


The biggest dangers of insta-bragging, according to AirPlus, are kidnapping (while away), burglary (at home) and commercial espionage, where business rivals can derive important insights from companies’ movements.     


But AirPlus International Australia Country Manager Danielle Jones said, “not all aspects of on-trip social media communication are negative”.


“Business travellers may argue that posting has become a normal and engaging way to network with their customers, business partners and colleagues,” she remarked.


“One of the ways to ensure business travellers and corporates are on the same page when it comes to social media usage while travelling is the adoption of a robust social media policy, created in consultation with the relevant company stakeholders, such as travel managers, security departments and human resources.”


While nearly half (43%) of Australian business travellers take part in insta-bragging, the trend is apparently becoming scarily high in emerging economies, like India (83%) and China (81%).


How much Insta-bragging do you do?


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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 13 July 2018

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