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Revealed: what business travellers really get up to

Business before pleasure? Umm…. maybe

Working hard, or hardly working? A new survey has revealed the habits of business travellers, and it makes for some pretty interesting reading for employers.


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Conducted by travellers' emergency assistance group On Call International, the study of 1,000 business travellers found that more than one in three (33%) male road warriors partake in binge drinking – and although women are less likely to hit the bottle, even one in four females (24%) admitted in the survey to getting drunk while away.


According to the poll, one in nine (11%) business travellers revealed they had 'picked someone up' while at a bar on a company trip, while two percent claimed they picked someone up on every work trip.


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Eight percent of business travellers admitted to lying to their bosses about what really went on during their travels, while four percent even said they’d been held in jail instead of attending a meeting.


“While it certainly appears that the allure of a one night stand without the constraints of being close to home is tempting to many business travellers, letting one's guard down in an unfamiliar setting can easily lead to dangerous situations for an individual,” On Call International chief security officer Jim Hutton said.


“This includes assault, robbery and otherwise avoidable accidents leading to serious bodily injury – not to mention reputational damage for the employer.”


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 4 August 2015

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