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The best way to start your search for a new job

Don't let your job search overwhelm you; it doesn't have to be a daunting process, writes travel recruitment expert KRISTI GOMM.

So it’s time to move on. You think you are ready for a new challenge but are not sure where to start or how to go about searching for a new role? Here are some of my top tips to get you started:


Reasons for leaving  Firstly you need to really consider why it is you are leaving? If it is simply to earn more money or progress in your career it is advisable to discuss this with your manager prior to resigning. You will be pleasantly surprised to find that most employers will do their best to accommodate existing staffs’ needs rather than lose them.


Update your resume  Ensure your resume is up to date and in a word or PDF format so it’s ready to send out. Refer to this blog on Resumes if you need some advice on resume layout.



Contact your referees  Often overlooked but highly important. Let them know you are looking for a new position and your reasons for doing so. Inform them that they might be contacted by a potential employer. This way they won’t be caught off guard and will have the opportunity to reflect on your strengths as an employee.

Ensure your referee is credible and not just a good friend. It will make a potential employer sceptical about your reasons for leaving if you are unable to supply a referee whom you have reported to or worked with . It will also have them questioning how objective your referee will be at appraising your work performance if they are a 'good mate'.

If your current employer doesn’t know you are looking for work DO NOT list them as a referee! You don’t want to be let go before you have found a new job!


Update your Social Media profiles  Ensure your professional profiles like LinkedIn are up to date with your current employment position, duties & achievements. It is also important to be aware of the privacy settings on your more social profiles like Facebook. You don’t want your personal life impacting your professional image.


Register with a recruitment agency  Find a recruiter that specialises in the industry in which you are looking to gain employment. A recruiter will always have a number of positions that are not advertised, they will also be well connected with employer contacts in your speciality field. With your permission they can present your skills to companies where you will be well matched. They can also give you advice on company reputation, culture and staff retention rate of various employer brands within the industry.

Registering with a specialist recruiter such as inPlace Recruitment, can save you literally hours of your precious time. Let them do all the hard searching work and sit back while they present you with suitable opportunities and potential interviews. They will even help you critique your resume increasing your chance of gaining that all important interview!


Job board alerts  Sign up to job boards and set alerts to notify you when jobs are advertised that match your search criteria.


Utilise your network  Let some trusted industry colleagues know you are looking for new opportunities to inform you if they hear of anything suitable.


Industry publications  Sign up for industry publications that may give you some insight on how is hiring.


We live in a fortunate country where there are many avenues available to help you find employment. Don’t drown in paper work and lose hours trawling online job bards. Be strategic in your approach to your next job search.


Written by: Kristi Gomm, inPlace Recruitment
Published: 13 March 2017

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