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This type of family travel is growing rapidly

Travelling for business can be isolating. But a new trend is emerging which promises to make the work trip much more palatable. 


New research by ACTE Global (Association of Corporate Travel Executives) and American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) shows that demand for family-friendly corporate travel is rapidly on the rise in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. 


According to the study, four in ten (38%) travel managers across APAC have reported an increase in enquiries about bringing family on a business trip. 



Called “Balancing Business Travel Tools & Policy for the Traveller Experience,” the study also found nearly half (47%) of APAC travel managers reported a rise in travellers enquiring into business and leisure, or ‘bleisure’, trips.


Another three in ten (29%) travel managers saw higher levels of concern for a healthy work-life balance.


“Life on the road for frequent business travellers can be isolating, and put strain on family life,” GBT Vice-President & Regional General Manager, Australia & Southeast Asia Jo Sully said. 


“So it’s unsurprising that we’re witnessing a steady rise in the number of requests to bring family along when travelling for work.  


“Having family with you on a business trip can make the journey more enjoyable and reduce feelings of disconnection. 


“Of course, it’s essential that family time doesn’t distract or hinder the business objectives of the trip – and with simple time management this can be managed well, to great effect.”


Concern for safety and security remain the top priorities for business travellers, with almost half (46%) of all travel managers saying they’d seen an increase in enquiries into personal safety.


Meanwhile, the study revealed that seven in ten (70%) travel managers have reported an increase in requests for improved technology tools.


“Business travel continues to be a key driver of growth for many companies worldwide,” Ms Sully said. 


“The people within organisations that are conducting frequent business travel are providing a key role in overall growth, and it’s important for companies to provide them with the support they need to remain productive and motivated.” 

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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 11 September 2018

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