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Tour operators look to boost business by forming strategic partnerships

Winston Churchill said we should never waste a good crisis, and those in the travel industry have heeded his advice.


Using the enforced lull in business, many tour operators have looked outside their comfort zone to create collaborations that are not only offering some pretty exciting options for travellers, but also expanding their clientele, Skift reported. 


According to a survey of 900 global tour operators and agency owners, 41 percent said creating new products and adjusting the business model were their main measures during the pandemic.


Insight Vacations chief executive Ulla Hefel Bohler said that during the pandemic, the company was looking at “new and different opportunities and partnerships” when Insight’s Australian managing director Karen Deveson mentioned her friendship with BakeClub founder Anneka Manning that ended in the company launching a now sold out food-themed tour of Tasmania this October. 


“Insight Vacations as well as Anneka Manning each had a loyal following of Australians, so given the impossibility of international travel, the idea was to marry up the premium guided tours the Insight Vacations guests love with some exceptional foodie experiences through Anneka and her contacts and to also give Anneka’s fans an opportunity to travel with her.”


Such partnerships are not just a flash in the 'pan'demic, either. Off the back of the Tassie tour Insight Vacations plans to take its BakeClub global. 


“We are currently working on an amazing itinerary in the South of France, which we will again feature unique foodie experiences inspired by Anneka and her connections,” Insight Vacations’ Bohler said. 


“France is synonymous with food, so [it] was an obvious choice. Italy certainly could be another contender for the future or perhaps Austria with its impressive baking tradition.”


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Published: 18 August 2021

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