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Travel Video Production Trends to Watch in 2021

Now that traveling has become much less bothersome, expensive, and time-consuming than in the past, many more people embark on fascinating journeys to far-away places located in different corners of our beautiful planet. And not only do travelers unwind and accumulate exciting experiences during their trips, but they also capture great photos and videos.


Now that you have tons of video editing software tools at your disposal, you can put together an eye-catching video in the blink of an eye and share it with your followers on social media. You can crop, trim, add fun visual effects, and edit your projects in all possible ways to score more likes and comments. But the most important thing is that you can immortalize your impressions and experiences. And though exploring new fascinating places can be pretty challenging under pandemic conditions, there are still ways to quench your travel thirst.


So, if you’re lucky to break free from the shackles of the COVID-19 pandemic, consider some great ideas that can help you make an effective video for your blog or brand marketing campaign.


Immersive ‘Walking Around’ Videos 



Some people mistakenly think that no-talking walking videos are boring and bland. In reality, such videos can act as visual soothers creating a sense of appeasement and curing viewers’ wanderlust.


It’s a rare person who hasn’t experienced the gravity of the burden the notorious pandemic imposed on humanity, hence the need for juicy, eye-catching, and optimistic videos. Many Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok users unwind watching fun videos where travelers share their impressions and offer tons of positive emotions to viewers. 


If you want to help people overcome the barriers to travel, consider shooting ‘walk around’ videos featuring destinations lots of us crave to visit again. The best thing about creating such videos is that you don’t distract your viewers from contemplating the flow of life as it is. You can tell a captivating story in your no-talking videos, focusing your audience’s attention on streetscapes, casual social interactions, and traffic sound.


Thus, you can create a feeling of pre-pandemic normalcy. It’s of great importance that you try to convey the authentic atmosphere of the place you’re doing. It can be recognizable landmarks, like the red-light Walking Street district in Pattaya City or the Champs-Elysees avenue in Paris, or, vice verse, off-the-beaten-path destinations. 


  • Useful tips to spice up your videos. If you want to make your projects even more engaging and visually appealing, don’t hesitate to tap into the magical power of video editing software. 


To give your travel projects a more emotional look and feel, try using HitFilm Express. This video editor is famed for its professional set of VFX tools and versatile features. 


If you’re looking for a powerful yet simple all-in-one editor, you can also rely on Movavi video editing software. Create videos from scratch with hundreds of pre-built templates. Resize, crop, add text, captions, and music. Apply chroma key and other popular visual effects to make your projects look more professional. 


The Hippo Video editor, in its turn, allows you not only to trim clips, cut, add captions, effects, and emojis to your projects, but also perform advanced editing. With such tools at hand you can translate your ideas into effective videos much faster. 


360-Degree Travel Guides   



Presently, lots of tourist agents and hotel managers have 360-degree travel videos in their arsenal of marketing techniques, and for good reason. Now that modern techs are taking tremendous strides in revolutionizing how people travel and buy things, more and more people decide to ‘try’ the place before physically visiting it. Travel guides help experienced tourists and beginner travelers find the destinations to their liking and check out tourist hotspots from the comfort of their couch.  


Making a 360-degree travel video guide can be a great idea for both those who want to woo prospective customers and those who want to boost their travel blog’s popularity. Now many websites offer exciting 360-degree video guides and virtual tours that allow learning about numerous destinations on the web, mobile, and VR. 


To keep in step with the curve, you also want to create visually effective 360-degree projects and share them on social media. For this you need dedicated equipment.  You can either purchase a single camera or build your own rig. The most powerful camera rigs currently available on the market are GoPro cameras. The only downside is that they can set you back thousands of dollars.


When shooting with one of these cameras or rigs, remember that the 360-degrees shooting means everything will be in view. So, make sure you take that into account when deciding on a filming location. Also, take care to have suitable and consistent lighting not to ruin the quality of your video. 


Live Videos  



Whether you’re a professional blogger, a business owner, or just an ordinary Instagram user who craves to become more popular with the masses, streaming live videos can be the best bet for you. 


To bring fresh content to your followers, you don’t need to be an award-winning actor. The most important thing is that you have a nice story you want to share with your audience. And traveling presents you with a thousand opportunities to tell your unique and captivating story. 


You want to hope on live videos when something truly exceptional and worth capturing happens to you. If you spot a giraffe amid the acacia trees or come across a rattlesnake during your wildlife safari tour, grab your smartphone, switch on your camera, and knock yourself out. 


Wrapping Up 

With robust video editing software and professional equipment at hand you can start creating videos that will rock Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and other social media platforms. But video editors aren’t the only tools you should look to employ. And there is no single recipe for a mesmerizing travel video. 


You’ve familiarized yourself with some popular trends dominating the video-making landscape and hopefully gained some valuable insights into how to make your travel videos a success. So, go ahead and tap into the power of your imagination, skills, and creativity. Don’t let the harsh pandemic reality ruin your plans and put your burning passion for traveling.


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Published: 25 April 2021

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