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Want to know where people are planning their travels? Here’s the answer:

Travel agents, tour operators, hoteliers, airlines and tourism bodies will be able to practically see into the minds of consumers with this tool they already have.

Your Google search history can reveal a lot about you (just try explaining the frequency of Keanu Reeves searches to your partner and you’ll know what I mean). So what if I were to tell you that you could tap into the Google travel searches of your intended market? Gold, right?


Well you can. Sort of.


It’s called Travel Insights with Google, which is basically a set of FREE tools which leverage Google search data to deliver insights into real-time travel demand.


Google’s Destination Insights allows you to explore where demand is coming from and where people want to go. Hoteliers can use the Hotel Insights to plan marketing spend based on search trends. 


Guessing where people wanted to go was never an exact science and COVID-19 has thrown the tourism and aviation industries’ advance planning for loop. With consumers locked out of travel for the better part of two years, forecasting future travel trends has not been easy.


“It’s really difficult to find any anchor of data to forecast the future, and so we felt it was a good time right now to share some of our search data with the industry to help travel companies understand what users are looking for. And here’s the kind of queries they’re doing, and here’s the data and information they’re interested in,” Google Travel Managing Director of Global Business Development Gianni Marostica said. 


Google began testing Travel Insights with Google in the Asia Pacific region in December last year and last week launched it in the USA. 


“Since we began piloting these tools last year, they’ve helped government tourism officials in places like Singapore and Indonesia answer critical questions as they make decisions about border reopenings,“ Marostica said. 


Indonesia’s tourism minister Wishnutama Kusubandio said the Destination Insights tool “is very useful as it helps all industry players understand real-time evolving travel trends in light of the pandemic”.


So go have a play. Though be warned, you’ll find that the number one international destination Aussies are searching is, shock of all shocks, New Zealand. 

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Published: 21 July 2021

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