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What is trip stacking and how can it make you money?

My daughter’s new, never worn snow boots will be too small by the time she needs them. She’s a quick grower (particularly in the foot department) so we left off getting her snow gear until we’d booked our trip. But we live in Sydney and have been in lockdown for one shoe size. 


There’s always September, we said in the first month of lockdown. But September’s creeping closer just as COVID-19 cases grow higher. 


And that’s when I heard about trip stacking. 


Joshua Bush, chief executive of Avenue Two Travel in Bryn Mawr, outside Philadelphia, invented the technique when he grew tired of constantly cancelling bookings for his clients, Forbes reported. 


Instead of booking, cancelling, rebooking, and cancelling the same trips for clients over and over again, he now leverages flexible cancellation policies to book two different trips for the same client over the same dates, a first and second choice.


Then, if the first option flops, his clients can still getaway on the second option. 


It turns out to be a lucrative move for travel agents too, as according to Bush, clients end up buying more and travelling more because they will usually rebook the trip that was cancelled, and stack it against a new second choice on new dates for a new vacation. 


While Bush might not have been staring down a seemingly endless lockdown, we all know that we won’t be in lockdown forever so we’re going to add a trip to snowfields to our stack. Even if it means we’ll be there in summer. 

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Published: 16 August 2021

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