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Why (digital) networking now is more important than ever

Whenever I slacked off at school, Mum used to warn that I’d end up stacking shelves. Who would have thought that that would now be one of the most desirable and secure jobs available?

An unprecedented number of people across the globe have or will lose their jobs because of measures to control the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s depressing and terrifying for everyone. And to top it all off we’re unable to drown our sorrows with our mates (in person). But you can still reach out digitally.




There is nothing wrong with blocking out any mention of COVID-19 and bingeing on nothing TV shows. Sometimes it’s what your sanity needs. But instead of watching on your own, organise a time with friends or family when you’re all watching the same series and live chat through it. It’s like your own personal Gogglebox without all the annoying personalities. 


This concept works for home schooling too. 



This is one of the rare times when you could be out of work with your old colleagues. Why not take the time to update your skill set and do an online course? Doing it with someone else will help keep you motivated and you can call each other when you need some help.



Update your LinkedIn profile, publish some interesting articles and run in the circles in which you’d like to work. When things pick up (which they will), make sure you’re front of mind of potential employers.



I used to chat to my sister-in-law once a week. We now chat almost daily. She is a fabulous listener and a great voice of reason. I have another annoying friend who just sends messages of all the delicious food she is making (it’s like torture). But it’s also a great way to get some new recipes. Staying connected to the world outside your house will help you look after your mental health and that of others.



Reach out to local nursing homes or churches and ask if they need (or if they know of anyone in the community that needs) your help. Sometimes it’s just calling some of the residents in nursing homes who may not be allowed visitors anymore, or picking up a few extra things in the grocery store. 


Nobody is going to question the COVID-19-sized gap in a your resume, but you can fill it.


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Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 28 March 2020

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