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Link Travel Group members to offer internships

There’s little question that staffing has proven to be one of the travel industry’s biggest bugbears post-COVID. Link Travel Group with Flight Centre Travel Academy aims to fix that.


Link Travel Group wants to attract and train the next generation of travel advisors and industry leaders. 


Partnering with the Flight Centre Travel Academy, recruits and candidates will enter a two-year internship within Link Travel Group member agencies. 


During their time in this program, they will study part-time and work part-time in their Link Travel Group assigned agency, providing a well-rounded, hands-on learning experience. 


At the end of their internship, candidates will receive their university level diploma of Travel & Tourism and a role within a Link Travel Group agency.



“Staff recruitment and retention has been a headache for everyone in the industry in recent times and we wanted to find a solution,” Link Travel Group General Manager Scott Darlow said. 


“Through this internship program, Link Travel Group member agencies will not only be able to bring on new staff, they will also be able to build select candidates up to a high performance level, aligned with their existing agency objectives.”


Link Travel Group members will have the ability to hand select dedicated and enthusiastic candidates from cities all across Australia. Through this unique initiative, Link Travel Group agency leaders will have the ability to train and nurture these candidates, empowering them to become high performing travel professionals.


“Candidates will get the best of both worlds: a highly sought-after university level diploma, courtesy of the Flight Centre Travel Academy, and cutting edge, on the job training in some of the nation’s most preeminent travel agencies, Darlow said. 


“Feedback from our member agencies has been very encouraging and nearly all have put their hands up to participate in this internship program. We’re delighted, but not surprised by their enthusiasm as all our members share a commitment to the future of the travel industry.”


Launched less than a year ago as a joint venture between Flight Centre Travel Group (FLT), The Goldman Group and Spencer Group of Companies, Link Travel Group has grown from strength to strength, welcoming distinguished travel agencies into this invitation-only member group.

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Published: 26 October 2022

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