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TAFE NSW a beacon for travel Industry training excellence

Prestigious national travel industry awards spotlights TAFE NSW’s innovative approach to tourism education

In a nod to quality education, TAFE NSW has emerged as a contender for the Most Outstanding Travel Industry Training Institution at the esteemed 2023 National Travel Industry Awards. Gracing the finalist lineup alongside giants like Helloworld Travel and Virtuoso, TAFE NSW stands tall with its far-reaching network of 156 locales, 22 dedicated to cultivating travel and tourism prowess.

The spotlight on TAFE NSW celebrates their strategic pivot towards flexible learning paradigms, tailored to the dynamic rhythms of the travel sector. This innovative approach seamlessly integrates a hybrid model, slashing employer downtime and granting students the luxury of balance, aligning their academic and professional pursuits.

Behind the scenes of this nomination is a history of proactive engagement with the travel and tourism industry’s pulse. Executive Education Maestro Raf Marcellino applauds the nomination as a testament to TAFE NSW’s commitment to crafting transformative educational experiences. He highlights the tourism sector's resilience and its post-disruption flourish, showcasing NSW’s splendour as a tourist haven.

TAFE NSW’s educational mantra is simple: impeccable quality at each turn of the student’s journey, equipping them with the arsenal to prosper in the workforce. The institution’s philosophy extends to fostering symbiotic ties with industry employers, a strategic move to stay abreast of the travel industry's evolving landscape, and collaborating with Destination NSW to tailor training that anticipates the sector's future demands.

Dr. Marcellino envisions TAFE NSW as a crucible for industry growth, especially in the niche of cultural tourism. The institution is pioneering opportunities, particularly in the vibrant regions of North Coast, South Coast, and Hunter. Initiatives like the Certificate III in Tourism with a focus on Aboriginal cultural intricacies and the Certificate III Guiding course are just glimpses of TAFE NSW’s commitment to enhancing regional tourism through authentic, local experiences.

The National Travel Industry Awards, hosted by the Australian Travel Industry Association, are a hallmark of distinction within the travel sector, celebrating the crème de la crème through a rigorous process of nominations, voting, and judicious scrutiny. TAFE NSW’s inclusion as a finalist not only underscores its educational eminence but also heralds a future of innovative growth and excellence in the travel industry training arena.


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Published: 8 November 2023

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