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New Caledonia Specialist: a training programme with a difference!

As international travel is getting closer than ever, travel agents are encouraged to become a New Caledonia Specialist through New Caledonia Tourism’s E-Learning programme. 


The destination has just introduced three new modules (in addition to the first three modules launched at the end of 2020) as well as a fantastic initiative to protect New Caledonia’s precious biodiversity.




Committed to support a more sustainable tourism, New Caledonia has chosen ethical and environmentally friendly gifts to engage and encourage learners of the New Caledonia Specialist E-learning programme. 


Each level of certification gives you access to various prizes, from exclusive digital content to download and great monthly prize draws (Proficient level - level 1), to a famil in New Caledonia (Expert level - level 3). When a learner reaches the Advanced level (level 2), New Caledonia Tourism will make a donation to the leading non-for-Profit organisation, WWF, specifically towards their bush regeneration programme also called SEVE Project. (‘sève’ in French means ‘sap’ - the fluid which circulates in the vascular system of a plant).


The SEVE Programme’s mission is two-fold:

1. Regenerate Caledonian bushes and forests and preserve the native flora and eco-system

2. Involve schools and develop sustainability and environment awareness among children.


When you undertake the E-learning programme, you will not only grow your knowledge but will also help grow children’s environmental awareness, regrow native bushes & forests and ultimately help protect our stunning destination!


“With the hope of borders reopening early 2022, we are committed to ensuring that agents in Australia and New Zealand have access to all the tools they need to start selling our destination again,” New Caledonia Tourism’s General Manager Julie Laronde said.


“The SEVE initiative is a fantastic way for us to involve the agents in one of the many sustainable initiatives New Caledonia Tourism is embracing for an inclusive, harmonious and eco-friendly future of the tourism industry.”


If you are you craving a South Pacific paradise with a distinctive French touch, right next door to Australia, with an incredible contrast of landscapes, colours, experiences, then this training programme is for you!


Until you can visit or send your clients, you can travel virtually through this fun training programme.


Picture this, you’ve just landed in Nouméa and checked into your accommodation. What would you like to do first?


Explore one of the many islets dotted around the lagoon and all accessible from the capital city or hit one of the many delicious French restaurants available? How about renting a car for a road trip along the East Coast and its fascinating authentic Kanak culture? Or want to say ‘Bonjour’ to the local cowboys on the West coast of New Caledonia? How about a relaxing time on one of the amazing islands surrounding the mainland with pristine and unspoilt landscapes such as the Isle of Pines or the Loyalty Islands?


With this training programme, you will become a true expert, capable of selling this underrated South Pacific destination and one of the closest neighbours to Australia / New Zealand.



Training 1

1. Discover New Caledonia 

2. Life in New Caledonia

3. Practical Information


Training 2 (New Modules live on 8th of November)

4. Accommodation

5. What to do in New Caledonia 

6. Sustainable Tourism


The modules provide an in-depth insight into the landscape, access, weather, seasons, currency, accommodation and transport around the islands.


As they progress, travel agents can unlock a range of unique benefits as they progress to the next status level There are 3 levels: Proficient (setting the foundations), Advanced (Master the destination), Expert (Elevate your sales).


Become a New Caledonia Specialist today at

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Published: 10 November 2021

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