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10 golf courses for your next golfing holiday

The beauty with golf is that you don’t need to play in one place all the time - you can enjoy playing in different courses that feature different characteristics. Whether... Continue Reading


Tourists deported for Machu Picchu faeces, vandalism

Five tourists will be deported and another will stand trial after an alleged act of vandalism at Machu Picchu. Sneaking into the ruins, the tourists - from Chile, Brazil... Continue Reading


Quark Expeditions’ Ultramarine on sale now: Arctic 2021

Quark Expeditions has officially launched their Arctic 2021 expedition season, featuring a range of brand new itineraries to create a unique Arctic adventure. In this... Continue Reading


Fairfield Inn by Marriott Anaheim Resort: a review

There’s no mistaking Fairfield Inn by Marriott Anaheim Resort for anything but a Disneyland hotel. From the balcony outside our front door, my young daughter and I watch... Continue Reading


Flight attendant falls from plane

A Finnair flight attendant has fallen out of a parked plane, sustaining serious injuries. According to local media, the male cabin crew member fell though an open door from... Continue Reading


Woman made to take pregnancy test before flight

A passenger travelling from Hong Kong to the US territory of Saipan was forced to take a pregnancy test before boarding her flight. Flying Hong Kong Express Airways, Midori... Continue Reading


Why are koalas suddenly appearing in New York?

At 6am on Friday morning, people across New York City started noticing something a little odd. There were suddenly koalas clinging to lamp posts, in food trucks and from the front... Continue Reading