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RECIPE: The Seattle Dog

Seattle is known for many things, like the iconic Space Needle or its spectacular views of mountains and sea, but did you know the city has its own hot dog? Walk along the lively... Continue Reading


Japan closed until end of February

Non-resident foreigners will continue to be banned from entering Japan until the end of February, the country’s prime minister has said. "The infection situations... Continue Reading


How to get your vaccination recognised overseas

Australians and Australian visa holders who have a valid passport and their COVID-19 vaccination recorded on the Australian Immunisation Register will be able to obtain an... Continue Reading


In the case of Australia vs Djokovic is Aussie tourism the loser?

While Novak Djokovic has won his appeal against the cancellation of his Australian visa, the stink left on Australian tourism may be hard to wash off, worry some pundits. The... Continue Reading


Avoid this dish on the plane

For those brave enough to lower their masks mid-flight, this dish might not be worth the risk. Let’s face it, our tastebuds are not the greatest flyers. They take to the... Continue Reading


And the best passport for 2022 is…

I’m pretty sure I know where my passport is. I think. This, coming from someone who once travelled so much I needed to get a new passport just because my old one had no space... Continue Reading