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Blog Update

WILL THEY WIN? Meet the NTIA finalists!

The National Travel Industry Awards are tomorrow night and while everyone’s calming their nerves with a pre-party champers, we chat to a few of the finalists. First up we... Continue Reading


HOTEL REVIEW: Coral Sea Resort, Honiara

Honiara’s Heritage Park Hotel may have the history, but the Coral Sea Resort, located on the waterfront just down the road, has the edge when it comes to razzle-dazzle... Continue Reading


Travel agent joins Australian Survivor

If you weren’t going to watch the new Australian Survivor series before, you might like to to tune in now ... especially if you want to see how travel agent Daisy Richardson... Continue Reading


Passport machine failures behind Aust-wide airport delays

Just days after wild weather caused mass flight delays at several Australian hubs, there was widespread disruption again today (Monday) at airports nationwide following a serious... Continue Reading


Revealed: frequent flyers’ favourite airport lounges

Australian travellers looking for some pre-flight pampering have more options than ever before, thanks to the rise of PAYG, non-airline branded and even credit card lounges, not to... Continue Reading


Where to travel based on your horoscope

Travel site has matched the twelve zodiac signs to travel destinations that would be perfect for your astrological preferences. Whether you’re a sightseeing... Continue Reading


‘Me time’ driving many Aussies’ travel choices

Time out. It seems more and more of us require it, so much so that one in two Australians are now saying that a little alone time is prompting them to take off on a holiday, a new... Continue Reading


China Airlines launches strange, ‘dark’ travel ad

Focusing on the unplanned and unpleasant ‘souvenirs’ travellers might bring back with them from their vacations, China Airlines has unveiled its new campaign... Continue Reading