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Blog Update

What are the world’s happiest nations, and how does Oz rate?

What makes a country ‘happy’? If it’s lots of snow, saunas, and an education system that’s second to none, Finland must be smiling big time – or at... Continue Reading


Bali to turn off internet for holiday… but only partially

Despite media reports to the contrary, Bali won’t be totally pulling the plug on internet use during this year’s Nyepi, or Balinese Hindu New Year. Kicking off... Continue Reading

Smart Business

What business etiquette looks like around the world

No matter where you travel, you're guaranteed to come into contact with unique customs and cultural norms that determine how business is done in each place; this is extra... Continue Reading


Why TravelManagers declined its NTIA Nomination

Nominations for the2018 AFTA National Travel Industry Awards (NTIA) have been announced, and despite having initially being nominated in the ‘Best Broker Travel... Continue Reading


Lufthansa reveals Economy, Premium Economy 'a la carte dining'

From summer 2018, Lufthansa Economy and Premium Economy Class passengers will be able to order one of seven selected “A la carte dining” meals on long-haul flights... Continue Reading


Anthony Bourdain reveals secret to finding a city’s best eats

He’s eaten sheep’s testicles in Morocco, an entire cobra in Vietnam, ant eggs in Mexico and still claims Chicken McNuggets are the most disgusting thing he has... Continue Reading