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Blog Update

The $10 hack to ensure you get a decent plane sleep

Given that we’ll be likely trying to avoid eating on planes for the near future, passing the time with a good mid-flight snooze is crucial. But given we’re still in a... Continue Reading


FRESH FACES: Meet Traveltalk MD Jenny Evans

Jenny Evans is Traveltalk’s new managing director and publisher and is already the epitome of our travel industry: she has passion and a plan. We chat with her, amid all... Continue Reading


What airlines (and you) can do to lessen the spread of COVID-19 mid-flight

Plane travel, especially when all the passengers are vaccinated, is still considered safe when passengers and crew take appropriate precautions such as wearing a mask. However... Continue Reading


“More needs to be done” warns IATA boss on news of Australia’s opening

When prime minister Scott Morrison announced that international travel for fully-vaccinated Australians will resume from next month, you could almost hear the country’s... Continue Reading


The travel trend that is set to stick

As Australia gets set to reopen international borders after 18 months, recent research carried out by Omnipoll on behalf of Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL), reveals that 90% of... Continue Reading


What international travel will look like according to QF boss

Qantas boss Alan Joyce has said that, under government orders, Aussies looking to travel overseas can expect to get at least four COVID-19 tests: one before each flight and two... Continue Reading