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How PDA is viewed around the world

Unbridled affection comes naturally for many people, particularly among Australians. But it’s always important to remember that attitudes towards public displays of affection... Continue Reading


This airport was just named best major hub in Aust … again

For the third straight year, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has deemed Perth Airport the best major airport in Australia. In its new monitoring... Continue Reading


Daughter left behind after passport oversight

You’ve just arrived at the airport, ready for a family holiday for which you’ve saved for years, when suddenly you’re told that one of your three children’s... Continue Reading


Qantas, Singapore 2019’s most satisfying airlines

As voted by 50,000 consumers across Australia, Qantas and Singapore Airlines have lead the way among carriers in Roy Morgan’s 2019 Customer Satisfaction Awards. The... Continue Reading


Luxury in Grunge City: Fairmont Olympic Hotel Seattle REVIEW

The Fairmont Olympic is the antithesis to the Seattle I’d come to know through grunge, which spawned the likes of Nirvana and Pearl Jam, and made flannel shirts a... Continue Reading


Where coronavirus will hurt tourism the most

There’s no doubt that the coronavirus outbreak is having a huge impact on global tourism, largely because of the massive contribution outbound travel from China, the... Continue Reading


Diamond Princess passengers to fly back to Aust

A chartered Qantas flight will transport Aussies currently stranded on the Diamond Princess cruise ship off Japan back to Australia on Wednesday, Prime Minister Scott Morrison... Continue Reading