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Fresh Faces: Evolution Travel Collective’s Michael Friend

Where is the last place you travelled? To the UK (London, Ilkley and Havant) and Bangkok, both to visit friends. Where are you going next? Melbourne for work... Continue Reading


This is Southeast Asia‘s cleanest tourist destination

When you’re a magnet for tourism, like countless places in Southeast Asia are, it isn’t always easy to keep clean. Some destinations however, manage to do it... Continue Reading


This country will soon have the highest growth in tourism

Australians may be travelling to Japan in ever-greater numbers, but so apparently is the rest of the world, so much so that the Asian nation is set to become the planet's fastest... Continue Reading


Woman made to take pregnancy test before flight

A passenger travelling from Hong Kong to the US territory of Saipan was forced to take a pregnancy test before boarding her flight. Flying Hong Kong Express Airways, Midori... Continue Reading


A germophobe’s guide to flying in the age of coronavirus

Considered relatively normal on ground, I transform into Full Germophobe on planes. Yep, I’m the one wiping down the surfaces of pretty much anything I touch and proudly... Continue Reading


Phone’s name gets passengers removed from flight

Virus Detected, Shout PENIS for password, Pretty Fly for a WiFi… A quick squiz of the WiFi networks when you’re out and about can reveal a lot about the company in... Continue Reading