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It’s an easy, seamless check in and a very friendly French welcome on board this brand new A330neo . The crew are wearing my favourite colour and I am looking forward to experiencing... Continue Reading

Blog Update

Top traveller trends, per travel agents

Sabre Corporation, technology provider to the global travel industry, has released the results of an APAC-wide study that compiles insight from over 500 travel professionals... Continue Reading


UK study finds Australia is riskiest holiday destination

With its wonderful weather and spectacular scenery, Australia has a lot to offer tourists. But there’s one ‘service’ that visitors to our country are... Continue Reading


Tourist apprehended, fined for ‘string bikini’

There is skimpy swimwear ... and then there’s this outfit. A Taiwanese tourist visiting the Philippines’ Boracay Island was apprehended and fined for wearing a... Continue Reading


Corporate travel agent salaries revealed

Corporate travel is big business. And with work-related travel growing as a motivational tool and incentive for employees, it’s only getting bigger. But what does... Continue Reading


Destinations with the most tourists per square mile

Think of the world’s busiest tourist destinations. You’d be forgiven for conjuring images of London or New York, perhaps Bangkok or Singapore. But places... Continue Reading


The mistake that cost a tourist “an arm and a leg”

It was only while scouring her holiday snaps on the last day of her trip, that a British tourist saw something that could have saved her a whole lot of trouble and money... Continue Reading