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Blog Update

You’re invited to CATO’s Travel Trivia Masters

The Council of Australian Tour Operators (CATO) has today announced the launch of an exciting new event - the inaugural CATO Travel Trivia Masters, set to take place at the Hyatt... Continue Reading


Where two drinks and a plate of food will set you back almost $900

Treating yourself to a fancy bevvy when you’re on holidays after a global lockdown is only to be expected. Paying almost $900 for two cocktails and a share plate is not... Continue Reading


Which Aussie tourists can go to Japan this month?

The Japanese government will trial accepting small groups of fully vaccinated tourists from just four countries. And Australia is one of them. The United States, Singapore and... Continue Reading


A power trip or policy enforcement? Can an airline tell you what to wear?

To be wildly honest, when former Love Island contestant and inevitable influencer Amelia Marni accused Jetset for s**t shaming her because she chose to wear a crop top on her... Continue Reading


Is airplane food getting worse?

Flying on a low cost carrier, you can’t expect much, but when you pay for food, you do expect it to be palatable. No it so for Alex, an easyJet passenger flying... Continue Reading


WIN the ultimate Australian motorhome holiday

The prize package includes everything you need for your dream motorhome holiday: AUD$1,000 rental voucher from Apollo Motorhome Holidays (to be used in Australia only)... Continue Reading


Could you spend the rest of your life on a cruise?

The thing about holidays is that they end. You come home and have piles of laundry and a suitcase that needs to be unpacked and a tan that fades and a routine to which you must... Continue Reading


Australians considered strange for doing this in public loos

Australian CJ Horton has been living in the US for two years. The States is not wildly different from Australia so all was fine until she had dinner with a group of friends... Continue Reading