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What to avoid when learning a language for a trip

Learning a language for travelling has many benefits. You’ll be able to understand locals, express yourself, and appreciate a culture on a whole new level. But before you... Continue Reading


My top five travel destinations

I wish I had a toilet roll for every time someone has asked me this question. “What is your favourite place in the world?” But answering that particular question is a... Continue Reading


Nearly half of all Aussies plan to travel domestically when allowed

Just a little over a month ago Australians were pledging support to bushfire affected communities, with 53% saying they planned to spend their tourism dollars locally. And then... Continue Reading


Just how safe was flying in 2019?

In its 2019 Airline Safety Report, IATA revealed that air travel safety saw continuing advancements when compared to 2018 and the previous five years. According to the... Continue Reading


How to explain social distancing to a pre-schooler

When the term social distancing first entered our lexicon a couple weeks back (remember the good old days when COVID-19 concerns were primarily toilet paper based?), I attempted to... Continue Reading


Former Qantas worker launches tourism jobs initiative

As millions of Australians face sudden unemployment due to the COVID-19 crisis, one resourceful former Qantas employee has taken direct action by launching Project Displaced, an... Continue Reading


The threat of spending drought on travel agents, trade

“From the traditional in-store travel agency to the leading OTA”, UK-based GlobalData says that a lack of consumer spending generally is one of the greatest threats... Continue Reading