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On the road trip again

Regular readers of this august publication will know that I’m a sucker for a road trip. Give me a hire car, a sat nav and a vague idea of where I’m supposed to be going and I’m... Continue Reading

Blog Update

Win 2 x Tile Bluetooth trackers and never lose your luggage and passport again

We’ve all been there - profusely sweating as we rifle through bags, looking for our passport, heaven forbid it’s at home or on the backseat of a cab. The fear of... Continue Reading


Travel agent survives fatal plane crash; offers tips

Don’t drink alcohol and refrain from sleeping during landing and take-off: this was the advice a travel agent who survived a deadly plane crash in Nepal last week had for... Continue Reading


‘Bikini’ airline coming to Aust; launching unique int’l route

Most known for occasionally parading its female cabin crew around in skimpy swimwear, low cost carrier Vietjet will make its debut in Australia next year with flights between Ho... Continue Reading


Lack of staff (not reality TV) delaying flights

Flights are being delayed by baggage handlers watching Married At First Sight, an airport worker has claimed, but is reality TV really to blame or is something more serious going... Continue Reading


How boarding planes is set to change...for the better

When travelling, there’s not a lot you can do in just 20 minutes. Yet that’s how long Lufthansa says it took for them to board 350 passengers into an A380 at LAX... Continue Reading