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Dining capital of the world revealed

Findings released from Alpha Travel Insurance reveal the top cities for fine dining around the world and restaurants with the most Michelin stars. If you enjoy the finer things in... Continue Reading

Smart Business

Five ways to protect your digital privacy while travelling

Travelling to another country can be exciting, but once you touch down, you might unknowingly be leaking personal information and digital behaviour patterns to its government and... Continue Reading


Revealed: the new most powerful passport

Move over Japan, Singapore and Germany, a new passport rules the roost - and it doesn’t belong to a North American, western European or eastern Asian powerhouse nation... Continue Reading


Eiffel Tower, Louvre to close: what is going on in Paris?

Two of Paris’ biggest drawcards - the Louvre and Eiffel Tower - will close on Saturday along with dozens of other tourism sites and shops in the city as the French capital... Continue Reading


AAT Kings unveils new solo adventures

From the iconic landscapes of the Northern Territory, to the untamed natural paradise of Tasmania or the enchanting scenery of New Zealand’s South Island, AAT Kings has... Continue Reading