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How PDA is viewed around the world

Unbridled affection comes naturally for many people, particularly among Australians. But it’s always important to remember that attitudes towards public displays of affection... Continue Reading


Recline prompts flyer to shake woman’s seat

A row broke out on a recent American Airlines flight after a passenger reclined her seat and the man behind started banging on the back of it. In a video posted on social... Continue Reading


Westerdam passengers disembark in Cambodia

After their vessel was denied entry to several ports across East Asia, passengers on board MS Westerdam have begun disembarking the ship in Cambodia. Westerdam, which was... Continue Reading


Where coronavirus will hurt tourism the most

There’s no doubt that the coronavirus outbreak is having a huge impact on global tourism, largely because of the massive contribution outbound travel from China, the... Continue Reading


Despite fears, most still travelling: survey

With coronavirus making headlines across the world, and political and civil unrest occurring in the Middle East, Hong Kong and elsewhere, you’d be forgiven for thinking most... Continue Reading