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1 Go piranha fishing

Join a river cruise excursion in Brazil and get a hands-on lesson in angling, Amazon-style. A local cruiser will take you upstream past the “wedding” of the Rio Tapajós and the Amazon.

Maica Lake is festooned with small waterways where you will pass traditional wooden-stilt houses. Keep your eyes peeled for pink Amazon river dolphins, water buffalo, a vast array of colourful birds, or even the odd iguana or two.

Here you will also find razor-toothed piranhas. Arriving at Maica Lake, you will be given a pre-baited hand line and shown by seasoned locals how to toss your line.

Gaze out across the river and wait with bated breath as you anticipate the tug on the end of your line, then reel in what you have caught.


2 Walk on the seabed in a sea trek helmet

Drive to the north shore of St Lucia and meet your Sea Trek guide who will give you an orientation on breathing skills.

Head into the water with your helmet secure and prepare yourself for a near zero-gravity experience, led by a guide who will give you a new appreciation of the sea.

You will come face to face with a variety of marine life, perhaps a school of zebra fish or a sea turtle. Your walk will last about 20-25 minutes, with no need to resurface for air or fuss with bulky equipment.

After your underwater adventure, you will have time to enjoy the beach, relax or swim. You can even walk up to Fort Rodney for panoramic views.


3 Have lunch with real cowboys

Discover the beauty of rural Argentina and the culture of its revered cowboys, the gauchos.

Only a few miles outside of Buenos Aires lies the lush and fertile grasslands of the vast Pampas – the city’s pastoral lowlands, home to millions of grazing cattle.

Embark on a scenic drive to a typical Pampean cattle ranch. Here, you will meet the gauchos – skilled horsemen who trace their profession back to the 18th century. Today, they are a national symbol of Argentina, celebrated in folklore and literature for their lifestyle and skills.

Savour a delicious asado, or barbecue, along with empanadas and fine Argentinian wines, while enjoying a performance of folk songs and dancing.

Watch the gauchos showcase their skills in exciting equestrian-based activities, such as ring races, cuadreras (horse races) and entrevero de tropillas (horse games).


4 Visit the world’s southernmost agroecology farm

Take a panoramic drive through Tierra del Fuego, the ‘Land of Fire’, in Patagonia and admire the beauty of your surroundings as you travel through the valleys of the Andes mountain range, passing Fuegian forests and peat bogs.

Following a brief stop for a cup of coffee in Haruwen, continue to Puerto Almanza, a picturesque fishing village on the northern shores of the Beagle Channel.

You will visit Chacra Ruca Kellen, well-known for its sustainable farming practices and nestled between the hillside and the coastline.

Enjoy a tour of the farm and gain an insight into the philosophy and approach of agroecology. Next, take a seat and savour a variety of delicious local dishes, accompanied by a glass of wine or a non-alcoholic drink.


5 Kayak through biolumienscent waters at night

Experience the natural wonder of glowing waters with an after-dark kayak adventure in Puerto Rico. Take a scenic drive to Fajardo, a popular destination for water-based sports enthusiasts due to its nearby nature reserves.

At the Kayak Village you will be greeted by experienced eco-guides who will prepare you for your paddle in equipped two-person kayaks and provide all necessary safety equipment, lights and refreshments.

Paddle out under the night sky to the entrance of the Las Cabezas de San Juan Reserve. Here, you will enter a channel where the mangroves create natural tunnels and the sights and sounds of wildlife surround you.

Travel along the edge of the mangrove forest at Laguna Grande and – conditions permitting – have a chance to see the sparkling swirls of waters that glow with bioluminescent microorganisms.