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Established in 1964, Tiger Tops has been at the forefront of responsible travel, offering travellers a compelling blend of adventure and ethical encounters with nature.

Today, under the stewardship of Jack Edwards, the second-generation owner, Tiger Tops continues to pioneer innovative approaches to conservation and provide guests with unforgettable experiences.

A journey rooted in adventure

The story begins with the remarkable journey of Jim Edwards who, captivated by Nepal’s beauty, decided to make it his home.

Along with renowned wildlife ecologist Charles McDougal, Jim transformed a failing hunting camp into what would become Tiger Tops Jungle Lodge.

This marked the birth of conservation tourism in Nepal, attracting adventurous travellers eager to explore the region’s exotic wildlife and pristine landscapes.

A shift towards conservation

As tourism in Nepal evolved, so did Tiger Tops’ commitment to conservation. The lodge transitioned from game hunting to wildlife viewing, embracing a model focused on preserving Nepal’s natural heritage.

Over the years, Jim expanded the business, establishing Tharu Lodge and Karnali Lodge, both dedicated to sustainable tourism practices.

His vision and pioneering spirit laid the foundation for the property’s enduring legacy in ethical tourism.

Ethical elephant encounters

At the heart of the organisation’s conservation efforts lies its approach to elephant tourism.

With a deep respect for these majestic creatures, Tiger Tops ceased all elephant-back safaris in 2015, recognising the stress it caused the herd.

Instead, the lodge offers immersive experiences that prioritise the welfare of the elephants.

Guests can now observe elephants in their natural habitat, witness them grazing in grasslands and take part in river walks alongside these gentle giants.

Setting a new standard

Tiger Tops’ dedication to ethical elephant tourism has garnered international recognition, with World Animal Protection listing it as one of Asia’s top operations meeting strict welfare criteria.

Moreover, it serves as a model for other elephant camps, inspiring a positive shift in attitudes towards animal welfare across the region.

Educating and empowering communities

Beyond wildlife conservation, the property is deeply invested in supporting local communities. The Tiger Tops Swiss Air Preschool provides education and empowerment to disadvantaged children, preparing them for a brighter future.

Additionally, the lodge engages in conservation education programs, instilling a sense of responsibility for Nepal’s natural treasures in future generations.

A vision for the future

As the travel industry embraces sustainability, Tiger Tops remains committed to leading the charge.

Jack Edwards envisions a future where responsible tourism becomes the norm, where companies prioritise conservation and community empowerment.

With its innovative approach to ethical tourism and unwavering dedication to wildlife conservation, Tiger Tops is poised to shape the future of Nepal’s tourism industry for generations to come.

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