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As airline travel continues to ramp up, Aussies are being encouraged to consider a new route when visiting America.

Traveltalk scored an exclusive invite to a special Air Canada briefing for travel agents at Sydney Airport where the benefits of transiting through Vancouver were revealed.

“We’ve got Canada covered but we also cover more than 100 destinations across the U.S. as well, which I find a lot of people don’t necessarily think about with Air Canada,” said Zoe Gentle, Air Canada’s Sales Manager for NSW, ACT and Vic.

Ms Gentle said Vancouver Airport had won many awards over the past 12 years and had now become the best airport in North America. She added that benefits for Aussies transiting to the U.S. include:

# Same terminal connections: Enjoy quick, seamless and well-timed connections under one roof

# US customs/immi pre-clearance: Clear U.S. customs & immigration while transiting in Canada, then skip the line when you land in America

# No baggage collection: No bags to collect and recheck in transit as they’ll automatically be sent to your next flight

# Shorter elapsed time: Air Canada’s network and schedule are built to connect travellers quickly to their final destination.

“It is an extremely seamless connection for them and makes life a lot easier,” Ms Gentle added.

Air Canada is also hosting an NDC webinar for travel agents at 9.30am on January 30 and 31.