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A baggage handler has been told they will never work for Qantas again, after reportedly leaving an offensive note on a customer’s bag last week.

A passenger arriving at Karratha Airport in Western Australia noticed the word c**t had been written on a heavy tag wrapped around his bag’s handle.

Sharing an image of the note on Facebook, the passenger said “Clearly the Qantas baggage handler at Perth Airport wasn’t happy lifting my bag. He left me a nice note to read on arrival.”

After images of the note spread online, Qantas responded by condemning the act, and went further by telling media the staffer would never work for the airline again.

“This is clearly unacceptable behaviour,” a Qantas spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia.

“Menzies, our ground handling provider at Perth Airport, has assured us that the baggage handler involved will never work on Qantas Group aircraft again.”

It’s not known if the worker will remain employed by Menzies to work on aircraft operated by other airlines.

The airline has also “sincerely apologised” to the customer for the incident.