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Aussie tourists can look forward to getting bang for their Balinese buck with plans for an entertainment tax scrapped.

As earlier reported by Traveltalk, Balinese officials were considering imposing a tax of between 40% and 75% on certain bars, nightclubs, beach clubs, spas and other entertainment venues.

Business owners were quick to slam the plan, saying any increase would result in higher prices which could in turn drive away tourists.

According to a report in the Bali Sun, the plan has now been shelved.

“That’s the end of the story. So, thank God, thanks to input from all stakeholders, the President has given directions, and there will be no increase in entertainment tax,” said Sandiaga Uno, Indonesia’s Minister for Tourism and Creative Economies.

The decision has been particularly welcomed by the spa and wellness industry. Many of the smaller operators could have been forced to close their doors had the tax been introduced.

Minster Uno added that he wants to see the spa industry grow and provide even greater services to tourists across the country.