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The ship itself needs no introduction. If you were anywhere near a television or social media in January, you would have seen Icon of the Seas take to the water in Miami.

The ship is unmissable and its size and appearance speak to the many activities available onboard for families.

But, what the external shots don’t show are the amazing entertainment options onboard.

Well, there is a bit of a giveaway in that giant glass dome that dominates the front of the ship.

Its presence begs the question, what is going on underneath?

(The Wizard of Oz)

Put away the binoculars because we have the answers for you.

Starting with Aqua Action, which is a show that’s been designed to maximise the dome experience.

So many times we hear a show is “like nothing else at sea” or “like nothing you’ve seen before” and very often that can be a bit of a stretch.

But, that’s not the case with Aqua Action. Yes, it’s got a Cirque Du Soleil vibe, but it’s as much that as it is Olympic diving, urban dance and synchronised swimming.

I was lucky enough to see one of the live dress rehearsals onboard Icon of the Seas as the show was still being finalised.

Every single second of that show was analysed for its entertainment value and safety.

Safety is a massive priority for this show, which hints at just how amazing some of the acts that take place are to watch.

It’s one thing to perform hanging mid-air or while flipping from a diving board, but it’s another to do it above a pool which has a depth that changes in front of your eyes and while at sea.

One minute the pool is metres deep with performers landing from metres above, the next it’s only centimetres deep with dance acts taking place among the splashes.

It’s definitely one of the best things I’ve seen, not only at sea, but in a theatre space, and is a must if you’re booking on Icon.

Another show I checked out while on the mega-ship told the familiar tale of a young girl called Dorothy and her group of close mates as they take a walk on the yellow brick road.

But, this adaptation of The Wizard of Oz is anything but classic.

(Construction of the dome)

It takes place in its own intergenerational time, with a young Dorothy seemingly more interested in her mobile phone than her farm life outside. But, the characteristics that make her story and those of her friends so loveable still shine as brightly as her heels.

It’s essential for both of these shows to get a seat early so make sure your dinner bookings are appropriate and let your servers know you are attending the show and they will make sure everything arrives on time.

Other entertainments onboard include a pretty addictive pub quiz and music trivia competitions which take place in a very New York loft style venue. Be prepared to get competitive, as the split level space makes for a very interesting quiz experience.  

(And, I still think those that beat us were using their phones! But, I’m over it….honestly).