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Australia’s only independent low-cost carrier Bonza has recorded the best on-time arrivals performance in the country for the month of January, according to the latest monthly report. 

Data released today from the January 2024 ‘on-time performance’ report by the Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics (BITRE), shows Bonza led the way with 78.4 percent of flights arriving on time.

Based on data released in the latest Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) report on aviation competition in Australia, Bonza has been top of on-time arrivals since August 2023 for 5 of the last 6 months*, with December being the well publicised and notable exception driven by regulatory approval delays associated with initially adding aircraft to the new Gold Coast base.

During January, Bonza’s on-time departure performance was also at 78 percent while January cancellations were at 3.3 percent, heavily driven by cancellations associated with Cyclone Kirrily which, if removed, would drop the cancellation rate to just 1.2 percent for the month. 

Bonza CEO Tim Jordan said the figures were a positive step in the right direction but vowed the airline was still striving for near perfect performance.

“Our team of legends are working very hard to ensure we provide customers with affordable and reliable services and these latest figures are testament to that. We firmly believe that getting a low fare should not mean trading off either reliability or a great quality onboard product. Being a young airline, we certainly have more to learn, but we know that on-time performance is critical to every customer whether travelling to see friends and family, heading off on holiday or going to a meeting,” said Jordan.

“We have learnt and vastly improved from our December 2023 cancellations and OTP, which  mostly arose from the well publicised delays in receiving regulatory approval related to aircraft operating out of our new Gold Coast base.”

In the months prior to the Gold Coast base opening, Bonza had excellent, industry leading results with October marking a 0.3% cancellation rate, September 0% and August 0.6%. 

“Being top of on time arrivals for 5 of the past 6 months comes from a lot of hard work and focus from our Bonza Team and our vital operational partners, and we will continue our mission to bring a positive change to the Aussie domestic aviation industry,” added Jordan.