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Kara Glamore and Blair Hayden cheers to the new brew onboard Carnival Splendor

Today, Carnival Cruise Line and Lord Nelson Brewery are excited to raise a glass to 10 years of partnership on the high seas with the launch of a brand-new brew: Lord Nelson’s Smooth Sailing Cruising Ale.

Carnival and the brewery have been crewmates since 1st June 2014 when they launched Thirsty Frog Summer Ale, a beer crafted by Lord Nelson in collaboration with Carnival to capture the spirit of a holiday at sea.

This year, the youngest, easy drinking member of The Lord’s ale family, Smooth Sailing, has been elevated to ‘Cruising Ale’ status as it hits the taps on Carnival Splendor in celebration of this milestone.

“I’d like to say cheers to a decade of our wonderful Lord Nelson Brewery partnership and raise a glass of this very special cruising-inspired beer,” says Carnival Cruise Line VP Kara Glamore. “We’re so excited that the new brew from this storied Sydney-based brewery is now being served on our Sydney-based ship, Carnival Splendor.”

Blair Hayden, Founder and Managing Director of Lord Nelson, agrees: “We are very proud of our long and rich relationship with Carnival Cruise Line and it’s only fitting that the next ale to head onboard is our very own cruising brew.”

Smooth Sailing is a testament to Lord Nelson’s style – experimenting with flavour whilst maintaining balance and sessionability. Refreshing, food savvy and bright with lip smacking ‘knock-back-ability’, it’s a Pilsner style, low alcohol brew with a touch of American of hops to excite the nose.

Just perfect for cruisy days, the new brew is best enjoyed with mates. Guests can relax and settle in for a freshly poured Smooth Sailing Cruising Ale onboard their next Carnival cruise.

Tasting notes: Smooth Sailing Cruising Ale (3.8% alc 19 ibu) is brewed with Pilsner Malt and American Hop varieties to be clean and refreshing. Fruity aromatics and mild bitterness. Light straw yellow in colour.

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