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Australian based Compass Expeditions, renowned for their unique small-group motorcycle and driving adventures by 4wd, are excited to unveil a new promotional video designed to transport agents into the heart of their unique four-wheel adventures. This engaging video offers a firsthand look at the extraordinary experiences that await guests, showcasing the beauty and thrill of exploring some of the world’s lesser-travelled destinations with Compass Expeditions. 

This immersive video allows agents to virtually experience the itinerary and inclusions of a Compass Expeditions trip, providing them with the insights needed to share the magic of these journeys with their own customers such as the destinations, travel styles, culinary experiences, accommodation and driving preferences.

Compass Expedition’s Head of Sales & Marketing Pete Vorst highlighted how it was important for them to provide additional education to agents on their niche product, “Understanding the diverse preferences of our clients, Compass Expeditions offers the flexibility to choose how you experience your journey. Whether you’re behind the wheel on a four-wheel adventure or relishing the journey in a vehicle led by an experienced Compass leader, the choice is yours. This flexibility ensures that your guided tour is tailored to your comfort and adventure level.”

ETC’s Co-Founder and MD Ingrid Berthelsen emphasised how this video further highlights the uncompromising quality and planning that goes into these trips, “We love that every Compass Expeditions tour is meticulously pre-driven, every hotel rigorously inspected, and every excursion personally experienced by the Compass team, guaranteeing an exceptional experience from start to finish.”

Compass Expeditions bookings can be made through the agent portal, via email at [email protected] or by calling 03 9747 2379. More information is available on Compass Expeditions website: Reach out to your ETC BDM or email us on [email protected] to learn more about this unique product.