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The news that one airline has started offering adult-only areas on its flights sparked debate around the world.

Dutch carrier Corendon Airlines is offering a space at the front of the plane on its service from Amsterdam to the Caribbean for those 16-years and over.

A follow-up magazine article argued that passengers were desperate for this kind of service, keen to get away from crying babies and unruly kids.

Now leading PR firm Belvara Partners has surveyed experts from the travel technology distribution space for their reactions.

Haluk Kayhan, CEO at PrimeTravel, believes adult-only flights present an opportunity for travel agents to add value and personalise a trip for clients.

“They can judge whether or not a traveller is likely to be interested in an adult only cabin experience in a way that an online seller can’t do in the same way.

“So, we’d recommend that airlines considering this explore the retail sales channel route above others. The prospect of adult-only flights therefore presents an exciting opportunity for both travellers seeking a serene journey and for the industry too.”

According to the experts, it’s not just airlines that stand to benefit from this idea becoming a success.

“Travel sellers and buyers of accommodation too should think about how to maximise this new trend,” adds Gareth Matthews from global travel distribution provider Didatravel.

“Hotels have already mastered the adult-only concept and many have highly successful business models, plus loyal customers and strong distribution networks.

“Now, the ability to package this with a matching adult-only flight could be a win-win-win for travellers, distributors and suppliers.”

What do you think about the idea of adult-only flights or cabin sections? Would you support an airline that had them?

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