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Destination Canada has launched a nationwide partnership with David Jones aimed at encouraging more Aussies to visit the country.

The initiative was launched at a special event in Sydney last night and included an impressive window display at the retailer’s flagship Elizabeth Street store.

“We are both targeting that high value customer so David Jones is a perfect fit for everything we’re doing,” said Julie King, Managing Director, Destination Canada GSA Australia.

“Part of what we’re trying to do with Canada right now is really trying to expand on the shoulder seasons and expand seasonality.”

A series of 24 promotional videos have been produced to display what Canada offers in both winter and summer. Ms King was effusive about the videos.

“You will really get the warmth of the Canadians, which we all know and love, and just enjoy beautiful storytelling that is really heartfelt.”

Ms King revealed that going forward Destination Canada would continue to evolve winter and autumn activations, activities and partnerships. 

“We’ve got some really exciting things which I can’t quite unveil yet but it’s all in the regenerative and sustainable space. We’re working with key partners to showcase what Canada has to offer in this space.

“With tourism being such a force for good, we’re positioning Canda so that tourists who go there can create a wonderful impact as well.”