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FROM WILDERNESS resorts to meaningful Indigenous immersions, Canada’s latest tourism offerings reflect the nation’s commitment to travel as a force for good.

Here are eight new adventures to try in 2023.

Klahoose Wilderness Resort, Desolation Sound, British Columbia

Accessible only by boat or seaplane, Klahoose Wilderness Resort is British Columbia’s newest Indigenous-owned and operated resort.

It embraces the natural and supernatural spirits of the land and its people, offering an immersive exploration into this pristine region rich in diverse wilderness and cultural significance.

Toba Inlet wildlife tours including spring bear viewing and late summer/autumn Grizzly bear salmon run tours led by Indigenous guides.

Open seasonally from May 11 to October 20.

Métis Crossing, Smokey Lake, Alberta

This is the province’s first major Métis cultural interpretive destination, offering guests guided tours and sharing the distinct Indigenous story of the Métis people with signature experiences that change with the seasons.

Embark on a guided wildlife tour for an up-close encounter with white bison, wood bison, plains bison, Elk and Percheron horses.

Lazy Bear Expeditions Matonabee, Churchill, Manitoba

Renowned for its subarctic adventures, Lazy Bear Expeditions will launch the Matonabee in August, a 23-metre catamaran and the only vessel able to take tourists along the western coast of Hudson Bay.

With the unique ability to deploy rigid inflatable boats (Zodiacs) for deep exploration of the remote areas of Hudson Bay, the Matonabee will provide Beluga whale, Polar bear and Bearded seal viewing opportunities during the Canadian summer months.

Tutchone Tours, Yukon Territory

With 2023 marking the 125th anniversary of the legendary Klondike Gold Rush, there’s never been a better time for history buffs to discover the Yukon’s gold rush and First Nation history.

Embark on a full-day river boat tour from Minto Landing to Fort Selkirk with Tutchone Tours, including a guided tour of the township, wildlife encounters and an Indigenous beading class.

Listen to the stories of the Northern Tutchone people and visit an Indigenous-owned fish camp. Tours will open in June.

The Leaf – Canada’s Diversity Gardens, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Touted to be the most significant horticultural development undertaken in Canada in the past 25 years, The Leaf – Canada’s Diversity Gardens opened in late 2022 in Winnipeg as part of the Assiniboine Park Conservancy.

Boasting innovative horticulture, mosaics of colour and fragrance, and exotic plants, the ever-changing gardens explore themes of sustainability and conservation, beauty and expression, and spirituality and consciousness.

Featuring state-of-the-art design and eye-catching architecture, The Leaf will invite visitors to explore four unique indoor plant biomes.

Indigenous Niagara Living Museum Tours, Niagara Falls, Ontario

The Niagara region’s first guided Indigenous tours feature animated encounters and engagements with Indigenous peoples, cultural interpreters, historians, food specialists and artisans.

The deep and compelling history and culture of the region serves as the foundation for authentic tours of important destinations known for their significance to Indigenous peoples, including Niagara Falls itself.

North Star Adventures, Northwest Territory

On the ‘Our Dene Journey: Past, Present & Future’ tour, connect with Indigenous communities, meet with community leaders, respected elders, knowledge keepers and residents and hear their stories.

This summer package, offered from June to September, includes accommodation, meetings with Dene elders, a road trip on Mackenzie Highway, traditional Indigenous cuisine and a day trip to Nahanni National Park for a traditional cookout dinner with a Dene family.

Ride Solar, Prince Edward Island

This fully electric, solar powered vessel offers breakfast, lunch and evening dinner cruises featuring a menu created with locally sourced ingredients.

Admire the green spaces, red soil and rolling hills of Prince Edward Island’s south shore while indulging in a deliciously crafted local meal.


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