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Infinity Holidays, the trade-only global travel wholesaler has partnered with VisitBritain to launch an exciting range of self-drive itineraries, enticing visitors to get behind the wheel of their own adventures and explore more of Great Britain year-round.

In a nation that’s ever-evolving, there’s endless exploration to be had.

Whether it’s honouring cultural milestones or discovering hidden heritage treasures, visitors will encounter a rich tapestry of flavours and experiences regardless of the season in Britain.

With Infinity Holidays’ new specially designed itineraries, travellers can immerse themselves in the myriad of historic, cultural and adventure-driven experiences only found in Britain. 

Offering triple the adventure for the price of one, the close proximity of England, Scotland and Wales means visitors can seamlessly connect with these destinations and explore the distinctiveness of each region across consecutive itineraries. 

Whether immersing in the vibrancy of Britain’s cultural hubs, embarking on coastal escapades, or tracing the paths of cinematic icons, now is the moment to experience Britain differently.


 1. Scotland: Cities and epic landscapes

(Edinburgh, Pitlochry, Inverness, Portree, Fort William, Inverary, Glasgow)

Explore the vibrant city of Glasgow, with its bustling nightlife and striking arts and culture scene.

Then, wander the cobblestone streets of Edinburgh as you immerse yourself in the city’s rich history and diverse food and beverage offer.

Don’t leave town without enjoying some of the finest views of the capital at Edinburgh Castle or for something a little different, see the city from new heights with a morning yoga session at Arthur’s Seat.

2. Wales: Croeso I Gymru

(Cardiff, Swansea, Pembroke, St Davids, Aberystwyth, Conwy, Wrexham, Liverpool)

(Swansea, Wales @VisitBritain/Andrew Pickett)

This itinerary is a perfect example showcasing the ease and connectivity of exploring Britain, with two nations in one route.

Begin your journey in Cardiff, where you can experience the thrills of white water rafting before indulging yourself in the capital’s vibrant shopping district where the new blends with the old across Victorian arcades, local markets and a variety of independent and big brand vendors. 

Afterwards, see Tudor history come to life at Pembroke Castle before uncovering the awe-inspiring natural beauty along Aberystwyth’s Coastal Way.

Then, explore the well-preserved Conwy Castle in North Wales before changing your playlist as you prepare for your journey to Liverpool to explore the city’s world-renowned music scene. 

3. South Coast England Explorer: 

(London, Brighton, Portsmouth, Salisbury)

Experience the dazzling big city lights before enjoying the soothing tranquillity of the seaside. 

Explore London from a fresh angle with a kayak adventure along the Thames, and for those who prefer to adventure after dark, you can even kayak at midnight.

Later, immerse yourself in the lively, free-spirited seaside town of Brighton, before revelling in the vibrant waterfront festivities in Portsmouth. 

Take some time in Salisbury and then encounter the enigmatic wonder of one of the world’s most famous prehistoric monuments, Stonehenge.

4. Northeast England: Big city life and market towns

(Newcastle, Fenwick, Berwick upon Tweed, Hexham, Durham, Sunderland)

(Durham, England, @VisitBritain/Pinzutu)

From one vibrant place to the next. Uncover the rich tapestry of history and culture in the bustling market towns of North East England. Walk in the footsteps of greats at world-famous sporting venues, and marvel at monumental modern art in the North East’s burgeoning cities.

Afterwards, dive into the warmth of local pubs nestled in charming towns, before embarking on thrilling land and sea adventures on the North East’s epic castle-dotted coastline.

5. North England: Urban hangouts and the great outdoors

(Liverpool, York, Kendall, Ambleside, Lancaster, Manchester)

Explore Liverpool’s famous musical heritage and endless museums and art galleries, before heading North East to discover the medieval lanes and Snickelways in York.

On your way back, see why Manchester’s buzzing cultural scene takes centre stage alongside its world-famous football teams, before experiencing the natural treasures and warm hospitality of the Lake District.

6. West Midlands and Cotswolds: 

(Birmingham, Coventry, Stratford upon Avon, Cheltenham, Worcester)

(Warwickshire, England, @VisitBritain/Peter Goding)

It’s no surprise that the heart of England is a region that encapsulates the very essence of the country itself.

Start your journey in Britain’s second largest city, Birmingham as you navigate the city along its scenic canals with a tranquil paddleboarding excursion. Afterwards,  learn about the history of the infamous Peaky Blinders gang and discover the city’s award-winning culinary scene. 

Then, make your way down the road and into the history books as you explore the birthplace of the great bard, William Shakespeare in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Feel the adrenaline rush of the races in Cheltenham, before immersing yourself in the serene beauty of the Cotswolds, where vineyards, countryside strolls or, if you prefer, exhilarating and accelerating quad bike adventures await. 

Finally, indulge in furry encounters at an alpaca farm nestled in the picturesque surroundings of Worcester.

7. South West England: Cities and surfing

(London, Bath, Padstow, Newquay, St Ives, Bristol)

(Bath, England, @VisitBritain)

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the southern reaches of England, starting in the iconic capital  to surfing in the picturesque paradise of Newquay, before culminating  in the vibrant and eclectic city of Bristol. 

Along the way, indulge in the ancient allure of the Roman Baths, rejuvenate at luxurious wellness spas, and explore charming fishing villages renowned for their celebrity chefs and delectable seafood.

Dive into the bustling atmosphere of vibrant market towns, brimming with local delights and cultural treasures. Finally, cap off your adventure with an exhilarating surfing challenge at The Wave in Bristol, making memories to last a lifetime.

(Featured image credit: Cumbria, England, @VisitBritain/John Finney)

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