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Shambhala Estate near Ubud is now pioneering five ‘Wellness Paths’ designed for people dealing with common but distressing modern lifestyle challenges.

The intention is to focus on prevention: ‘un-ease’ rather than ‘dis-ease’ and obviate a problem before it escalates.

The paths are particularly aimed at those struggling with digital overload, poor gut health, a lack of purpose, diminished fitness, or a broken mind-body connection.

They will also be rolled out, with some local adjustments, later this year at COMO locations worldwide, including COMO Alpina Dolomites in Italy, COMO Parrot Cay in the Turks and Caicos, and also in Singapore.

The experiences in Bali have been designed by COMO Shambhala’s experts in fitness, nutrition and naturopathy using a combination of diagnostics, diet, breathwork and hands-on healing.

Each Wellness Path presents a nuanced, focused, sustainable opportunity to help guests journey from one state of wellness to the next and, importantly, to maintain that feeling when returning home.

“From integrated diagnostics to personalised plans and innovative therapies, COMO Shambhala Estate has always been at the forefront of wellness,” said Lisa Manser, Group Director of Wellness Operations for COMO Hotels and Resorts.

“These five new Wellness Paths underscore our dedication to delivering the finest holistic experiences and have been specifically created to address familiar issues of stress, fatigue and weight management.”

Guests also benefit from a full range of healthy dishes, available at the resort’s Glow restaurant and with the emphasis on whole foods. Dishes are low in sugar, salt and free of artificial additives.

Recipes are developed to support various wellness intentions, such as brain and cardiovascular health, sustained energy, blood sugar stability and craving control.

“Our curated menus and meals are designed to nourish each step of a guest’s chosen Wellness Path,” said Eve Persak, the COMO Group’s consultant nutritionist.

“Ingredients are selected, combined and prepared with intention – complementing each of the treatments and movement modalities, providing essential nutraceuticals that settle or stimulate specific body systems and offering targeted support from within.”

The ‘five paths’ guests can choose from are Integrated Wellness, Fit to Perform, Detox to Restore, Nourish to Glow and Connect to Rebalance. Prices range from $4,430 for a three-night package with accommodation to $8,153 for a five-night stay with accommodation.

“The Wellness Paths resonate in a deep and significant way, when combined with the forest, river, peaceful accommodation in private villas, access to the hydrotherapy pool, yoga studios, rice paddy walks, jungle gym and more,” said Gede Suteja, General Manager of COMO Shambhala Estate.