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Cruising is the perfect holiday

So you want to take a cruise but not sure if it’s for you? Lend me five minutes of your time and let me convince you why cruising is the perfect holiday.

I have now taken over 50 cruises, travelled to all seven continents of the world and visited more than 25 countries, and I could not have done a small proportion of these adventures if it wasn’t for cruising.

There are many reasons to book a cruise, but here are my Top 5

1 – Unpack once and away you sail

Forget about hotel hopping and the non-joys of living out or a suitcase. When you cruise, you unpack once and it’s done. Whether you’re taking a short or long cruise, the unpleasantness of rifling through bags does not exist. In addition, most ships have self-serve laundries, or you can send your dirty clothes (for a cost) to be expertly cleaned and folded.

2 – Food and drinks for every palate

 When most people think of cruises, they think of buffets. And yes, most cruise ships do have a buffet, but don’t let this turn you off. These smorgasbords of yumminess have evolved to have a huge range of high-quality dishes. The bonus is that most buffets are open for long hours, so you can tuck in whenever a hankering for light or more substantial meal hits.

But it’s not just about the buffet. Ships feature several different eateries from casual to fine dining. Some speciality restaurants do come at an additional cost, but these charges are modest compared to a top restaurant on land. Steaks, lobster, caviar, sushi, Italian, French and anything else you can imagine. Be prepared to put on a few kilograms.

3 – Entertainment galore

Cruise ships are busy places. The entertainment crew work around the clock to ensure guests are entertained. On any given day, there are dozens to activities to attend from the traditional trivia to dance classes, art appreciation lectures to full stage prductions and trapeze acts and drag shows. Plus, there’s music at every turn. You’ll never be bored on board.

4 – Oh the places you’ll go

 Waking up in a different port every day will never be less than exciting. On a land-based holiday, it would be virtually impossible to visit four different countries in five days. Shore excursions are expertly crafted for ease and can range from ziplining through a rainforest, dog sledding on a glacier or even a foodie tour of the city you’re visiting.

If you don’t wish to be with a group, you can also organise your own excursions but don’t forget to be back on board by the ‘all aboard time’, the ship will leave without you!

5- It’s all about the value for money

Cruising is the most economical way to have a holiday. Obviously, guests can spend as much or as little as they want on board (shopping, shore excursions, speciality dining) but there is so much included in your cruise fare. Once onboard, meals, accommodation and entertainment, and sometimes drinks depending on your package, are all included. If you’re on a tight budget, you don’t have to spend an extra cent during your cruise.

Everything is done for you, with a smile

I know I said I’d give you five reasons, but here is a bonus one.

Life can be hard, and exhausting and if you need a break from the stresses of life, cruising is the perfect way to have a break. It’s the perfect way to press ‘pause’ and refill that empty tank. You don’t need to drive anywhere, the kids are having the time of their lives, no cooking or cleaning and the crew will ensure you’re having a wonderful time while you gaze into the deep ocean and take a deep, long breath.