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A front-row seat to the eclipse path of totality wasn’t the only once-in-a-lifetime experience that happened on Delta flights 1218 and 1010. There were gatehouse celebrations. Bonds forged between astrological and aviation enthusiasts. A unique, bragging rights-level marriage proposal.  And, oh yeah, an astronaut.

Two Delta flights bound for Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW) on Monday offered unique views of the total solar eclipse: DL 1218 from Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS) and DL 1010 from Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW).

“It was so surreal seeing just the darkness outside the plane, and when we went into the bank, being able to look up and seeing, it’s like a hole in the sky,” said Paul Donlin, a frequent Delta flier who rushed to book his row 23 window seat as soon as tickets went on sale. “Everything is dark, everything is black. It looks a way that it shouldn’t look. It doesn’t work in your brain.”

Donlin thanked the Delta people who worked hard to make the flight a success and noted the airline’s commitment to safety.

“I always appreciate the professionalism. I always appreciate how the customer service is handled from the Delta side,” Donlin said.

The two flights were the subject of weeks of preparation. Delta pilots meticulously planned flights in the simulators. Flight dispatchers synced the timing of everything down to the minute and coordinated with Air Traffic Control to ensure both sets of pilots were able to execute maneuvers affording those onboard a view of totality. Flight attendants and gate agents ensured everybody had a great experience.