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With playful adventure, whimsy, and signature flair, the entire 45th floor of the Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong has been designed for families, heralding a new standard of luxury for guests looking to spend quality time with their children, inspire young imaginations, and create lasting memories.

The 21 luxurious themed rooms and suites, designed to make time away with little ones extra special with a smooth, stress-free stay that does not compromise on style or comfort, are complemented by exclusive family services, including ‘The Hangout’ – a beautifully designed living-dining-play room and ‘The Pantry,’ which offers a wide range of children related appliances for parents to use, so that the whole family can enjoy exploring Hong Kong without the need to pack every necessity.

Clifford Weiner, General Manager of Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong, states: “We are very proud to be the first to create a luxury family-friendly haven that combines a playful sense of adventure for children and sophistication for parents ensuring every moment spent with us is cherished and memorable.”

Innovative design-led Family Floor in the heart of Hong Kong 


The adventure begins in the 45th floor lift lobby now transformed into a Hong Kong train station with a moving model train. Each corridor has either a garden or marine theme, and leads to doors stencilled with local forest and marine animals designed to help younger  guests find their Peak- or harbour-view getaway.

There’s a choice of ten different, thoughtfully conceived themes, from a timber treehouse and an airship to a  magical carriage, all designed to engage young minds.

The rooms include thoughtful touches such as toddler-safe beds fitted with a slide,  interactive toys, and child-friendly furnishings and decorations that nod to Hong Kong’s  unique culture and landscape. Interiors have been meticulously designed to ensure a seamless blend of sophistication and elegance in the parents’ area, creating a refined and  contemporary feel with soft, feminine elements and rich colours and textures. Thoughtful  touches include extra luggage space, and larger interconnected suites that enable extended  family groups to stay together and hold private parties or special celebrations. In-room  babysitting service is also available.

One-bedroom Guestrooms 

Available in a Fisherman’s Cove or Garden Lodge setting that celebrates Hong Kong’s  natural landscape, these guestrooms combine adult sophistication and child-friendly  immersive and interactive themes with custom design beds whose bedside panels drop to  create an undisturbed darkened place for children to sleep at night while parents enjoy an  evening in their own elegant space.

Inspired by Hong Kong’s maritime heritage, the Fisherman’s Cove guest room has a single  deck bed like the ones on a traditional junk, and a rope walkway leading to an observation

hut. Kerosene-style lanterns, a sampan-shaped rocking chair, and a boat’s wheel that turns,  as well as anchors, buoys, and starfish cushions, add an authentic touch.

The Peak-facing Garden Lodge guest room has a tiered climbing deck leading up to a  viewing platform and a traditional log cabin-inspired bed, walls painted like wildflower  gardens, leaf-shaped cushions, wildlife patterns, and evoke the great outdoors.

Two-bedroom Family Suites 


These suites offer even more opportunities for family fun and relaxation, with a king-size  bed, separate bathrooms and an extra Murphy fold-away bed in the children’s room so  friends or extended family can join in.

Learning and discovery go hand in hand with six exciting themed rooms for children that  feature a slide, a personalised nameplate, interactive lights and sounds, a treasure trove of  toys, and special outfits for role play. Hand-painted by a group of local artists, secret animals  and motifs around the room are only visible in the beam of a special UV torch. The parents’  spacious, sophisticated ensuite bedroom reflects the nature theme with delicate  embroidered details and elegant furnishings. It doubles as a family room and has a large  pantry.

The Hong Kong Wonders suite has a bunk bed that looks just like the iconic green trams  that cross the city. There is a slide on the upper deck, and interactive panels with buttons  and pedals allow children to control sounds and lights. Created by local artist Don Mark, the  mural portrays Hong Kong’s iconic landmarks, vibrant neon lights, and rural landscapes.

The Safari Adventure suite recreates the excitement of being on a real safari in a campsite  with a canvas-tented bunk bed and a suspension bridge leading to a slide. A treasure chest is filled with toys, a wooden puzzle plays real animal sounds, and the mural shows an African terrain.

Hong Kong’s seas come to life in the Underwater Treasure suite. Enter the submarine bunk  bed through a hatch to find driving panels with buttons that control alarms and alerts. The  treasure chest overflows with toys, and there is an aquascape to observe the underwater  wonders. A colourful mural depicts coral reefs and friendly sea creatures, including jellyfish  and starfish, dolphins, and octopuses.

Three-bedroom Family Suites – coming soon

Launching in April 2024, and large enough for parties and special celebrations, these suites  offer the ultimate in creativity and fun for both parents and children of all ages. Each  comprises a spacious, elegant room with a luxurious king-size bed for parents, a children’s  room with an immersive thrills and adventure theme with a slide, and a separate living room.  There is also an independent kitchen equipped with cooking facilities, a hydro tap, and child friendly utensils.

Travel back in time to old Hong Kong in the Airship Voyage suite. Children control the  propeller, turbine, and other mechanics of their own airship while a weather projection  transports young travellers to different climates. A treasure chest of nostalgic items includes  dim sum, milk tea playsets, and an abacus, while the mural illustrates Hong Kong’s history  and heritage, buildings, and cultural icons.

Enter a mystical world in the Fairy Garden suite where the pink pumpkin carriage bunk bed  is in an enchanted mural landscape of colourful, larger-than-life wild plants, butterflies, and  flowers, unicorns and toadstools. A whimsical table and chairs for tea parties, dress-up  corners, and a treasure trove with a tea set for parties with fairy friends, and flowers,  butterflies, and a magic wand complete the scene, while a projection on the ceiling  transports young guests into an extraordinary and spellbinding garden complete with sound.

Exclusive Family Floor Guest Services: The Hangout and The Pantry  

The Hangout is a lively communal hub with three parts: a grab & go Station with food  counters for children and adults that serve healthy refreshments with sweeping views of The  Peak as a backdrop. The adjacent workshop room is designed for children’s activities and  board games galore, as well as dedicated space for creative activities, bookshelves filled  with carefully selected books in different languages for all ages, and a well-equipped  bathroom with a diaper changing table. The sitting room, a cosy space decorated with  botanical wallpaper and comfortable armchairs is ideal for relaxing with friends and family,  playing board games and reading.

The centrally located The Pantry is a thoughtfully designed communal space with all the  creature comforts of home, including a washing machine and tumble dryer, and a wash  basin, microwave, and other essentials to enable easy preparation or reheating of meals for  children. There is a wide range of children-related quality appliances from strollers to bottle  warmers for parents to use, so that the whole family can enjoy exploring Hong Kong without  the need to pack every necessity.

The hotel’s expansive 8th-floor pool deck now features an exclusive outdoor WATERPLAY area designed as a joyful space for families. Crafted with safety in mind for children up to the  age of six, the area includes a toddler paddling pool, a splash park with a water tunnel, water  jets, and LED lights, as well as playful flower sculptures and an interactive Whack-a-mole  wall. These features can be activated to spray water in a riparian environment, creating an  enchanting playground that sparks children’s imaginations. Luxury cabanas are available for  guests to relax and enjoy Island Shangri-La Hotel’s poolside service. Guests on the 45th  floor will also receive a pool bag with amenities, and additional supplies such as pool toys  and swimming diapers are provided on the pool deck for added convenience.

Clifford Weiner concludes: “The launch of the Family Floor at Island Shangri-La underscores  our commitment to being leaders in family travel in Hong Kong. We have created a haven  which mixes fun and whimsy while also offering practicality for families looking for the  ultimate in stress free holidays. We look forward to welcoming our first small guests and  helping create memories for all.”