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Travellers Choice is pleased to announce the addition of Luxeworld – one of Sydney’s leading luxury travel agencies – to its award-winning network.

Based in St Ives Shopping Village on Sydney’s Upper North Shore, Luxeworld currently employs a team of seven consultants, led by store manager Emily Soutter.

Director Lionel Bonnafous says he was looking to join a retail group that could offer not just strong buying power but also support services tailored to expanding independent operators.

“Holistically, we were drawn to Travellers Choice because it is a member-owned group, with a talented management team and a clear value proposition based around high-quality and innovative services,” says Bonnafous.

“We were also impressed by Travellers Choice’s Accelerate membership package, which is specifically designed to meet the needs of fast-growing companies such as ours.”

Travellers Choice’s Accelerate membership option offers independent businesses an attractive remuneration structure that includes quarterly override payments, along with access to the group’s full suite of support services, including its exclusive TC One booking platform and Site Builder website solution.

Accelerate is one of three membership solutions Travellers Choice offers, with each incorporating different levels of business services and financial benefits. Members can move seamlessly between the packages, depending on their evolving needs and potential growth trajectories.

The arrival of Luxeworld adds further momentum to the ongoing expansion of the Travellers Choice network in 2024, with the group recently adding new members in New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia.

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