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ATIA has successfully held its 47th AGM, with three new directors appointed at the meeting today for the FY25 Board.

The new Directors will add their expertise to ATIA’s Board and continue to passionately represent the wide spectrum of Member travel businesses and their interests.

The Association sought nominations for six available positions in accordance with the Association’s constitution to be a director of ATIA. Those formally elected to the Board as Directors to serve a two-year term are:

New Directors

  • Brett Mitchell
  • Gai Tyrrell
  • Rohan Moss

Returning Directors

  • David Hosking
  • David Smith
  • Peter Muller

Directors continuing to serve (election next year)

  • Christian Hunter
  • Cinzia Burnes
  • Danielle Russom
  • Graham Turner
  • Laura Ruffles
  • Shelley Beasley

Highlights of the year include:

  • Establishment of an independent ATAS Advisory Committee, with representation of the full ATIA membership base.
  • Enhanced member engagement in the form of launching the Member Skills and Workforce Survey, and NTIA Custodians program.
  • ATIA continues to be active in discussions with political leaders in Canberra, including the Prime Minister, key Ministers and Senators in their offices, and Opposition Shadow Ministers to deliver on priorities for member businesses and discuss the economic importance of the travel industry, aviation competition, unfair conduct, price parity arrangements, and skills.
  • ATIA secured a number of Ministerial commitments on either implementing ATIA recommendations or consulting more closely with ATIA.
  • ATIA appearing before the Senate Committee Inquiry into Bilateral Air Service Agreements, in addition to making a submission. The Report contained 10 key recommendations, many of which aligned with key asks in ATIA’s submission.
  • ATIA is continuing to engage with the Federal Government to support travel businesses in rebuilding their workforces, with a submission to ensure key travel occupations are eligible for skilled migration.
  • ATIA conducted its first Skills & Workforce Survey early this year. The survey provides a useful benchmark and an important evidence base for ATIA’s advocacy, including submissions and participation in consultation processes throughout the year.


“I‘m a passionate believer in why the ATIA was created — that is, to bring our industry together. As Director, I will work with the Board to advocate strongly for Member business interests at all levels of government, representing the specific needs of the tour operator segment while also bringing my unique global perspective that encompasses the breadth of the travel landscape.”

“ATIA plays a critical role in promoting the key economic importance of the multibillion-dollar travel industry and engaging with key political decision-makers to continue rebuilding the travel workforce. I’m excited to take the opportunity to elevate ATIA’s position as a shared voice for travel and drive more industry collaboration and public awareness of the value of ATAS.”

“I bring my broad knowledge and robust commercial expertise in the travel and tourism industry and beyond, including strong relationships with wholesalers and retailers, to work together with members to address industry issues and challenges while capturing new opportunities to advance our industry.”


“I am incredibly proud to be giving back to an industry which has supported me throughout my career. I have witnessed constant change in our industry over three decades, so I bring the Board a firsthand understanding of successful strategies to maintain commercial resilience through turbulent times.”

“I learnt early in my career that for a travel business to succeed, you need to adapt to changes in the environment and build collaborative, mutually beneficial relationships. Having a peak industry body in ATIA makes this easier as you have the collective support of like-minded leaders, partners, and industry stakeholders who work together to amplify a shared voice for travel on your behalf.”

“My message for ATIA Members is a simple one. I will work to maintain your confidence and advocate on your behalf because I understand the economic importance of travel and the challenges Member businesses are facing. ATIA’s role as a crucial advocate for Members, and a steward of industry standards, is more important than ever as travel businesses continue rebuilding their workforces and meeting the needs of their customers.”


“Throughout my travel career, it has always been clear how vital a peak body like ATIA is. ATIA plays a pivotal role in the business success of members by promoting an equitable playing field, resolving key issues for Members, and enhancing the reputation of our industry as a whole.”

“Much like ATIA, which represents all facets of the travel industry, my background also covers a wide range of travel sectors, and I am grateful to now have the opportunity to share my insight, knowledge, and experience with the Board.”

“My deep understanding of all major segments of the travel landscape has been built over 40 years in the industry, including travel agents, wholesale, airlines and consolidation, hotels and corporate and government travel management. This means I provide an inclusive perspective and broad input to the Board to assist in delivering outcomes that work for all ATIA Members.”