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Check the size and weight

As airlines often charge exorbitant fees for overweight or oversized luggage, the weight and dimensions of your suitcase affect how much you can pack for your trip.

The average weight restriction is around 23 kilos, so every kilo your empty suitcase weighs means one less you can pack.

If you need extra packing space, opt for soft-sided luggage, as they’re lighter than hard-sided suitcases and have more give to fit your essentials.

Ensure your luggage doesn’t exceed the size the airline allows, or you may be charged an excess baggage fee.

Choose the right material

Depending on how you’re planning on travelling and where you’re going to store your luggage, choosing a suitable material is key in finding your perfect suitcase.

Hard-sided luggage, usually made from durable plastic or aluminium, will protect your valuables from knocks and bumps during your travels. Many hard-sided suitcases are water-resistant too.

Soft-sided luggage is better if you’re on a budget, as they’re often cheaper than their hard-shell counterparts. They’re also more flexible, making them easy to store away, and many soft-sided suitcases are expandable, giving you more room to pack.

Look for extra features

Staying organised is critical to a stress-free trip, so make sure to look for any extra features that can help you keep track of your belongings easily.

Look for a suitcase with plenty of compartments to separate your luggage for easy access when you need it most.

Luggage with internal straps is also great for keeping your belongings in the right place. Some suitcases come with vented sections to separate clean and dirty clothes.

Wheels are one of the handiest features your luggage can have, making it easy for you to roll even the heaviest suitcases around.

Four-wheeled suitcases are the most manoeuvrable, making them great for moving through tight spaces like airport queues, but they can roll downhill easily if you’re not careful.

Luggage with two wheels won’t roll away when it’s upright and can handle uneven terrain better but can only move forward and backwards.

If you’re opting for a wheeled suitcase, make sure it also has a sturdy retractable handle that is easy to hold and locks in place firmly when you’re using it.

Make sure it’s secure 

Every traveller wants to know their belongings are safe when they leave their sight, so security features are key in picking the right suitcase.

Most suitcases come with internationally recognised TSA locks, so airport security staff can inspect your luggage without breaking the lock. However, as most thefts from luggage are committed by airport staff, you’ll need some additional security features too.

Some suitcases come with hidden compartments to hide your valuables from potential thieves.

Luggage brands also add anti-theft deterrents like puncture-resistant zippers to prevent bags from being slashed open. High-end suitcases can even come equipped with tracking devices.

Choose your perfect style

Along with all the practical aspects of picking the perfect luggage for your trip, you should choose a suitcase that suits your style.

Don’t just go for a boring old black bag. Choosing luggage that stands out will make it easier to spot on the luggage carousel, avoiding the stress of a potential mix-up with other travellers.

Many luggage brands also offer dupes of designer brands, meaning you can travel in style without breaking the bank.

“Designer brands, including Louis Vuitton, Prada and Gucci, lead the pack on social media,” said Cody Candee, CEO and Founder of Bounce.

“Unsurprisingly, more luxurious brands tend to have the highest customer review scores compared to more affordable alternatives.

“Luggage companies with a more established reputation for high-quality suitcases, such as Samsonite and Rimowa, are the most sought-after in terms of Google searches compared to younger brands.”