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A pilot flying from Sydney to Melbourne has provided fans of Taylor Swift with a warm-up act of his own.

The unknown pilot featured on a TikTok video that’s now been viewed thousands of times.

Not long after departure from Sydney, the pilot made an announcement to the cabin using as many Taylor Swift lyrics and references as possible.

“Well, good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, It’s your captain speaking Welcome aboard.

“I know getting to the airport can be frustrating getting through security, you’re probably thinking to yourself, I knew we were in trouble.

“But now you gotta ask yourself, are you ready for it?

“What you need to do is you need to calm down, you need to shake it off and visualise some blank space and try not to see red.

“Apparently we’ve got some Swifty’s on board, hence my public address,” the pilot said.

“From now on, it’s a love story. You me, the crew, you belong with me and my fantastic crew.

“There’s going to be no bad blood on this flight. This beautiful 737 makes the perfect getaway car.

“Dave is my co pilot. He’s doing the flying and his reputation is well deserved. I enjoy working with him.

It’s close to a love story up here as well. Again, fantastic crew.

Delicately, delicately we’re gonna get through these clouds and on our way.

“The last little bit of clouds from the cruel summer that we’ve had,” the pilot said.

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