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Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has called the situation in New Caledonia “deeply concerning.”

Speaking to ABC Radio Perth, Mr Albanese added that the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) was working with French authorities to broker a solution.

“We’re doing everything possible to help Australians on the ground. We are working with the French authorities. They’re advising at the moment that the situation on the ground is preventing flights.

“We continue to pursue approvals because the Australian Defence Force is ready to fly when it’s permitted to do so.”

The Prime Minister’s comments came as more trapped Aussies contacted the media to talk about their ordeal.

Doctors Max and Tiffany Winchester told Channel Nine’s Today they were trying to do the best they can while trapped for the ninth day in Noumea.

“Food is tight, we’re running out of medication. Many people are,” said Ms Winchester. “We try not to get our hopes up too much because they get crashed down every day.”

Mr Winchester added that the couple had been told to be prepared to evacuate at any moment.

“But who knows when that will be. The latest on the airport is possibly earliest opening on Friday,” he added.

“They’re trying to ship food in, but you can’t get the food to the supermarkets because of the roadblocks, so there are people having to scavenge coconuts to eat.”

Violent unrest and riots have erupted due to contested electoral reform with at least six people reported dead. New Caledonia’s international airport remains closed amid ongoing security fears.